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Monday, December 29, 2014

In everything, give thanks :)

12:28am...another two days to 2015~ are you already excited?

So, out of the 8 goals, I accomplished 1, 2, 5, modified 8 to walk @ Merdeka Plaza considering it rained, and currently doing 4. Ha!

Felt very awake still as P brought me to my favourite Gong Cha. So, we first had our Gong Cha @ Changi Airport, 9 months ago. Who would have thought a relationship could have blossom from an impromptu vacation? God sure is amazing in arranging all our encounters with others. And I truly believe and am very thankful for each and every person who came into my life. As an estrogen filled human, I won't hide my sadness to acknowledge the fact some people are meant to just be passengers and they'll leave at some point of life; I do hope those good ones who alighted will board again in the near future....
4pm chatted till 6:16pm =)

So, back to my story. Today, I'm very happy as I get to meet my VIP's gf and him meeting my bf. haha. I've reduced socializing with my old friends and the meet up with Y, L and M yesterday reminded me again how wonderful it was to just relax and really catch up with each others' lives over a cup of coffee (I chose smoothies, again, for the 3rd time this week.Btw, Coffee Clinic is a cozy place to chill out)....which led me to the next story:

glad to have my favourite unagi here^^

Was introduced to a friends' friend over lunch. She's a health consultant. My blood test 2 months ago showed that I was healthy....thus, I sorta ENJOY all the delicacies I can have back home, 5 bowls of Laksa...more prawns at Riverside Majestic & home-cooked...8 course-meals 3 wedding dinners (another one tomorrow night), ....and only one badminton session and two strolls at the park these 2 months!! which let me to the next story:

The cute health consultant used a portable machine to check my body index, excess fat etc...the ones you stand on it and hold on to the bars and it'll give you your health results...the wonder of invention. This free consultation (gosh, I don't even ask if we need to pay her for this...at least we foot the lunch bill) really alarmed P and I. Both of us appeared slim but our body fat is on the high side. Deng!!!

Why didn't I snap photos back then....worked as enfa promoter for months. Enfakid is yummier than enfagrow. haha

Anyway, we rejected the product she's trying to sell us. I'd certainly support all young sales-friends should I be laden with money. Thank God for my 6 years of college & uni part-time promoter jobs, I experienced the hardship of pushing sales and hitting targets.  Recalling back my uni days in UPM, how daring of me to accept weekend promoters job for a RM180 daily salary when it was the exam week!  And I actually skipped a lecture to go for the job interview, took the LRT and bus, alone, all the way from UPM to Damansara.  Geez, thank God for journey mercy back then....the walk alone to the office which was a stone's throw away from the bus stop I alighted. Side track to my memories as an undergraduate: the job interview was fun.  most of the applicants are undergraduates. some of us got Class A promoter 'RM120-150 per day', followed by Class B promoter 'RM 100' to class D 'RM 35'....I still remember my heart sank when I learn from the aunties they had to stand the same hours as us, 11am - 10pm, doing more challenging tasks like frying in supermarkets but for a mere RM35...i remember customers asking me why work as a salesgirl when I can speak fluent English, then they smile when they learn we're undergraduates.

No sugar added.

It's 1:02am... thanks to the Gong Cha signature green tea, I'm wide awake...still waiting for my supervisor to give me her feedback...it's not a good feeling to keep people waiting...worst, being ignored. Therefore, when my students msg me, I'll feel my privacy is intruded at times, but ... am once reminded again, our time on Earth is counted. My students are my clients.  They will be ones who will lead my children in the future.  What goes around comes around. ha!

So, dear readers, would you mind sharing how you manage your finance?

One drawback of growing up is we've to shoulder more and more responsibilities.  I remember telling my colleague once 'What's the use of me earning my monthly salary when there's no one to share my life with.'  He answered 'save.  save them.'

Great. God is all wonderful.  He sent a wonderful man into my life.  Will he be my husband? haha. I guess ladies my age who decided to be engaged in a relationship ain't 'tasting the water' anymore. Deepest apologies to the men I've hurt in the past...and to those who wounded me, I forgave you instantly for because of your departure, I've room for my soul mate. hahaha....

Try the test. Know your partner better. It helps.

So, tonight we discussed Gary Chapman's 5 love languages. There's much to build on still, a strong friendship as foundation...currently, finance is one area that I need enlightenment: I believe earning more is way better than struggling to save.

Give thanks always, for the good times and the bad times. It has been a wonderful day, thank you Lord.  Good night all :)

p/s all photos are grabbed from Google image. Why la didn't I take photos with friends more often like before? hm...it's not like we're getting any younger. but hey, I didn't get to eat tang yuan this year, and guess what? the health check this afternoon showed my body age is one year younger than my actual age! Praise the Lord! hahahaha....thanks to the countless hours of beauty sleep I had this holidays \(^_^)/

a bro posted this to be his resolution in 2015. it'll be mine too :)      

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