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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Self Talk

10:40am, three days before 2014 ends...

Gotta accept the fact that as we age, the days and years passed by even faster.

Switched on my laptops, staring at assumed-near-completion thesis, (it's not even a thesis, but a project paper of 16, 000 - 20, 000 words).  I've tried to relate on teaching theory to my research and link them to the findings in chapter 4, but still, at this point, I find my work not up to an A standard. Has been waiting for my supervisor's feedback but ... wonder if this happens to most distant learners. Instead of lamenting another 20 minutes, will try the second day trial of 20mins-goals-planning-for-the-day.

8 Goals (6 work related and 2 personal, since it's a weekday; weekend vice-versa)

1.  Read up on Krashen's theory.
2.  Link Krashen's theory to a few of my findings. (how...will think later)
3.  Paraphrase the Chapter 5 (closing eyes)
4. Update my blog (doing so, I've always wanted to write)
5.  Buy a slice or two cake, remember the candle.
6.  Clear 20% of my wardrobe.
7.  Blend fruit juice for darling (if....haha)
8.  Evening walk at Friendship Park or Reservoir today.

Looking forward to lunch date with a few V.I.Ps today =)

Dear Project Paper, be good....thanks to the extended one week holidays, please do our best and get it over and done with. 2015, I will plan you soon....a stronger relationship with God and loved ones, enjoy my career every day and hope I'll fall in love with house-cleaning & cooking soon....haha. We'll see. Krashen, see you now :)

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