Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Memories stored.

Good afternoon bloggie,

   It's 4:32pm, a cold Thursday afternoon. Having extra s at Computer Lab, 9 students from 5S1 turned up. They were doing their continuous essay diligently. It's good to see them asking questions, trying their very best. 19 days to SPM!!! Woooootsss~~


With Ah Soon Kor. He's a talented pianist, make-up artist, a cook, a romantic husband and loving father of three beautiful children. My third time being a presider at Hock Ing Methodist Church, 11th October 2015. Boy, was I nervous. Thanks to Nong for helping me to write the prayer and Chan for going through the rehearsal once with me. Didn't perform a good job, but thankfully their eyes are on God, and thanks to Sis Ai Lian for helping me to sing the hymn.... thankful for the opportunity to serve God. Gotta be more well prepared next time. Yeap, looking forward to the next opportunity. Actually, our church especiall Ka Onn Methodist Church needs more volunteers to help at the various ministries.

Thank you Sia Ee for inviting me join Zumba, by 1Malaysia Internet...It was a fun work out and I truly had a good sweat and am looking forward to attend their night classes once SPM is over! Woots~~~

The CVRN  committee members. Gonna missed Hospital Canteen's aunty's food...delicious and reasonably priced~ Have been pondering lately should I get a car or take up a motorcycle's driving course... colleague might be leaving Kapit soon..sobx...I don't like the feeling of being abandoned...sobxxxx...

This morning~! 13th October 2015 (Tuesday)! I conducted a pre-PT3 talk for them...prepared the slides, and last minute there's this online tips which is rather reliable..shared the techniques of answering with my 349 Form 3 kids, mostly participated but there are still noises talking down there..hm..how disrespectful, and indeed, it's their loss. Reminds me not to talk when others are giving speeches...I've missed out so much valuable lessons just by not paying attention. hm..

Thanks dear Anita. Walking back for brunch and student gave me this. Haha...happiness!
Highlight of the week!! Our Kapit Toastmasters Club first educational meeting~! 12 turned out for this. Looking forward to out second educational meeting on 31st October. I don't know if I'll regret starting up this club ini Kapit, but with so many comrades, this gotta be a green light from God, or it won't happen. Right? So far so good, Reverend Wong tried his best to present his first ice-breaking topic in English, revealing to us it's his first time speaking in English in public. Thanks Mdm Lydia for coming all the way from Sibu =)

Mdm Georginia Pui. Gotta be one of the lady I respected the most. Talented to music, played the piano flawlessly, extremely thoughtful (She bought the cake, sponsored us lunch, prepared the backdrop, name cards, attendance list etc), an amazing mother of 2 handsome boys, principal of Angels Glow Taska...humourous, considerate, generous, in short, an amazing lady.

See the lady in blue jacket? That's our new principal, Mdm Azlinda^^ Welcome to SMK Kapit Mdm! Since your 2 weeks' arrival, I've observed so many leadership qualities in you...changing the things that needed to be changed, giving moral support to teachers, sound advice for me, exemplary by going down the field with us to teach the SPM night classes. Thank you Mdm for your words of assurance and trust. You taught me about integrity, how to present effective educational talks etc. Fun Fun =)

Yeap, my kaban Semry! Haha...since the change of seating arrangements in the office, we are no longer desk mates...we ceased to have lunches together too. Haigz...haha..a memorable night for the PT3 Asrama kids night class~ We co-teach with Mr Michael and Semry shared his pizza with Lorenzo and I =)

 5:08pm, students submitted their work =) Good day all =)

P/s   A newly posted colleague is leaving, resigned as a teacher....I was taken aback by the news this morning. Many questions crossed my mind. The reasons are simply she foresees herself burnt out in this education system. She sees no personal growth in this place. Thus, she made a courageous move to quit her teaching career and ventured into another unfamiliar working environment. Students' lackadaisical attitude, unsupportive administrations, ever-changing education system, unnecessary documentations, key-in data, etc etc....young teachers now no longer find teaching a joyful duty, even the perks of long school holidays and stable income failed to attract them, simply because their emotional needs aren't satisfied. I can't imagine a life without a clear purpose, no sense of achievement etc...therefore, I'm truly thankful to God for giving me this passion to teach. Do I get extra allowance for conducting extra classes for students? The talks, the programs the seminars I organized? Nope, not much recognition from them, but thankfully, I've my close trusted friends who ensured me time and again, we are serving the Lord. This is my calling, and I accept it with a cheerful heart~

God bless all the teachers, Happy World Teachers' Day!!!


  1. Nice blog you have here. Can I share your blog link to my Wordpress?

  2. Hi there
    Erm..can I say no? Cuz sometimes, most of the times, I might post emotional and personal blogs...and you know, being a woman, the message might not do justice to the others...the last I want is to have unintentionally hurt others feelings.
    Anyway, thanks for your compliment and dropping by. Have a nice day! =)