Sunday, September 27, 2015

MRC 14th CVRN 2015, Kapit

Kapit's first mural! Participants were to identify the hidden message behind this mural.
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     It's 27th September 2015, Sunday, 4:30pm...a quiet afternoon and I'm comfortably resting on my comfy bed back in Kapit. School starts tomorrow and I finally get to quiet down, rest and decided to share my memorable one week school holiday with you :)

Visiting Fort Sylvia
MRC CVRN 2015 (Malaysian Red Crescent 14th Convention and Volunteers' Recognition Night 2015). Kapit is the host! Four of my dedicated colleagues, Hui Nong, Sing Chan, Kah Sui and Chong Ming were very much involved with this world known NGO, Red Crescent. Out of my kepo-ness, I volunteered to help out, as in stand in for writing a minute.  Little did I know the meeting in March 2015 would lead to 8 more late night meetings. Thankfully, I never regret a wee bit as the experience gained as their vice secretary and emcee was invaluable.
Ee invited her Zumba team, ZIN Jeffrey led. The 140 from the various branch in Sarawak had a great time sweating out!
  ZUMBA!!! I've heard so much about this fun sports! Kapit doesn't have much entertainment but the people here are really creative, friendly and health conscious!  They have 3 nights of Zumba lessons with the public per week =)

Khidmat Masyarakat.
 One of the feedback from the participants was that they preferred more outdoor activities than talks and more talks. Thus, tada! haha..Immediately right after reading their critical feedback, our next slot is Youth in Action.  Some of the youths were really committed and diligently do their part, distributing health pamphlets to the public as well as cleaning Kapit Town Square. I sneaked out from my secretariat part and joined in the fun!

Volunteers Recognition Night 2015 cum MRC Kapit Branch 40th Anniversary!
Mdm Evelyn did a wonderful job at decorating the stage! Again, I sneaked out from my secretariat corner and joined in the fun in tying balloons!  Her daughter, Ee did a wonderful job at decorating the tables with potted flowers, handmade from used bottles, filled in with soil and 'planted' plastic flowers and the table's  number.  Dr Sia Tih Kong, the organizing chairman and our Kapit Branch's chairman, pointed out at his welcoming speech that the person he appreciate most is her wife, Mdm Evelyn!
How SWEEEET!! hahaha....Of all the things said on stage, I remembered this phrase the most. That behind every successful husband is one supportive wife! And, Dr Sia mentioned too at the Convention's opening speech that "As volunteers, we don't expect reward."
This struck me. There are too many under privilege people out there. Those in pain, suffering from hunger and diseases, .... I'm trying to imagine the contrast of the poor VS rich. I can't smile when I know the wealthy ones are having wiVES thus lead to broken families, robbing off the poor for the sake of social status....time to SHUT UP. hmmm... The good things is, we have these respectable people, philanthropists~ Thought of Mother Teresa, Mark Zuckerberg :) 
Congratulations to all award recipients and units!

 SMK Kuching High won the BEST YOUTH  UNIT 2015 again this year!! Congratulations! Asked what's my best memory in secondary school? It will be Red Crescent! I enjoyed the crazy time, asking donations from the public during Flag Day...checking for hours where I missed out the 10cents in the treasurer's first time being an Emcee for the Annual Dinner....our most loved and feared teacher-in-charge, Puan Lim Soh Kim. She has really been an exemplary to  many of us..miss you!! we had countless meaningful and memorable activities back then!!

Our guest of honour: President George Chan.

The young committee members!

 It's really not an easy task to organize a state level convention! I'm so glad to be part of it! Seated from L-R: Mr Kong Kah Sui (Vice Convention Coordinator), Miss Ho Jia Yiing (Vice-secretary), Mr Ting Sing Chan  (Convention Coordinator), Mr Law Hui Nong (Secretary), Mr Christopher Tan (photographer), Mdm Leh Siong Lu (Program Book). Standing L-R: Medical Assistant Mr Wong Sii Riong, Miss Sia Ee (Chairman's PA), Mdm Tiong Chong Ming (awesome secretariat team!)

With our lovely students.

Farewell guys! Hope you had a good time!  Sarikei, 2016~!!

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