Monday, July 12, 2010

i miss home ....

i miss home....
Just 2 weeks back in IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim, Johor Bahru, i've started to miss home...honestly, i can't wait for this final year to finish. 6 years!! that's very long, i'm not doing medicine or architect.

i realized that's just emotional rush. 6 years is not that long. how much have i achieved? Have I grown up into a more matured lady? hm..i pleated my hair 5 years ago, this morning i still play with it. :P guess the kiddy-ness in me is still thr.

back to school is a good feeling. i've settled down with my new roommate, cynthia. she's from kuching too. very funny, all of us have changed roommates. guess it's all in His plans.

wanna share one testimony here: Praise the Lord~ our ketua jabatan actually accepted our letter of absence of 1 week (Maktab is extremely particular about absenties since the new pengarah took over) without much questioning. and the best part is that she told KO to put present for our one week attendace~!! This entry is not to encourage others or allow myself to skip more classes, but that...all glory to Him =)

I miss home..
thought updating my blog or fb or indulge myself in movies will bring the homesickness away, but it remains..sobx..hari raya, faster approach~

but there are times when i'm afraid the time will fly very fast, because that means we're near to posting~ posting!! this is the scary part about teaching, mayb not all that scary. but the thought of leaving home, again, for God knows how many years, and where this time, can bring tears to my eyes...i can't imagine myself being posted to somewhere deep and unfamiliar like the jungles of pahang or the mountains of sabah...yes, i love nature, going for a 5 days vacation is fun, but 5 years?! please take my fear away...i salute my seniors for taking their responsibilities with such courage =) mayb this final year is the year for me to equip myself to face the reality of working life..

i miss home..

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