Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finals are just two days away.
But that didn't stop me from doing the things I like:
1. helping out as instructors at SDRARY English Language Camp 2010
2. communicating with my darling 1-2 hours a day
3. sleeping and sleeping
4. finally, having a kapal-berstim with my girls~

1. SDARY - SMK Dato' Abdul Rahman Yassin, Johor Bahru

This 2 days camp gives me the golden opportunity to:
a) have a glimpse of how active 15years old are.
b) the songs they are interested in: Justin Bieber's 'Baby'
c) be amazed by how the principal presented 'English can be Fun' ppp.
d) reminisce my school days PBSM/ Chinese Club/ Prefect days
e) have a good time with my coursemates in making this camp a success

2. Communication breaks barrier.

Distance relationship is never easy, for me, and I believe, for many out there. Not to be discourage, as there are equally successes and failures in both distance and daily-cuddling relationships. Though my lecturer advised us to have more than 1 boyfriend as back up plan, I find it rather impossible, as first, the trust will no longer be there. Secondly, how can one split her life/time to satisfy both men?

3. 8 hours of beauty sleep (^_^)

This activity just makes me happier and feels more alive each time I open my eyes. Ah... Thank God for quality nap/beautiful sweet dreams (^_^)

4. Fun activities at the midst of exam-battle

1. Bowling - Gambling is prohibited in all religion, but betting a cup of Mc Flurry can make the game all more motivating and fun. Not? :P

2. Kapal Berstim - Shop, Cut, Boil, Mix, Dip, Dish out + Laughter and sharing.

That's all folks, happy revising~ All the best in your exams, coursemates. Happy holidays to those post PMR students and post-exams friends. Happy working to all nation-builders, in a way. GBU (^_^)