Monday, October 25, 2010

No longer proud.

A bible in front of me
"Essentials of Language Testing for Malaysian Teachers" on my left
Notes on "Focus on ELT Materials" on my right
"Injustice - corrupted Malaysian policemen" on my mind

Am I even 'safe' to post out my current thoughts
Will the higher authority barged in
and handcuffed me though i am innocent?

I don't understand
Why are there so many serious crimes out there unsolved
yet the policemen can find pleasure in being a sadist?

This is only one of the few incidents I read
what about the others?
How many out there are suffering and being discriminated?
Why are there no actions taken in curbing the issue?

I don't feel proud at all being a Malaysian
I even feel my profession of being a teacher is not all that noble
For these policemen had had their teachers too
Have those teachers not taught them how to be a human?

- Sad, down, disappointed, demotivated -


  1. Hey.. be strong. as I said it's all down to human nature.There are things that we cannot change, not via education. It's in their gene. A serial killer who outsmarts the police is someone with high IQ, but his killer instinct turns him into a killer-- using intelligence as his deadliest weapon.

    As for you, you are the engineer of someone's soul. you just have to do whatever you can to educate them. To be good or otherwise, its their choice.

  2. Jia Yiing jie jie,

    See it from this position: you can see that there are so much problems now and then in this country... Isn't this why God placed you and everybody else in Malaysia? The whole situation will always be demoralizing to even myself... but again, these are the reasons why we all are here.

    Just as doctors are there for the sick and not the healthy, Jesus did not came for those who thinks they are righteous, but for the ones who are sinners and the lost.

  3. thanks Malcolm, engineer of someone's soul. now i feel "wow". i'll keep that in mind. yeah, makin choices, happy or sad, we live by the day~ (^_^)

    thanks to u too Wilson. indeed, we hv our roles to play. but still, that article left a bad impression to my beautiful malaysia. haha.

    GBU both~ (^_^)