Thursday, March 3, 2011



I used to think
Forgiving someone is hard
hard in the sense of laying down our pride

we may have forgiven him/her in our hearts
yet we dare not tell them
nor do we have the courage
to heal the relationship

after 'practicing' forgiving
and 'experiencing' being forgiven
i realized
it's not that hard after all

Just a simple
'I'm sorry'
will do wonder

That word can tumble the wall
Strong rightO?

so to those who are struggling with forgiveness
perhaps you can have this in mind
'that we are all children of God
and He has forgiven our sins,
so are we greater than God
till the extend we couldn't forgive that someone?'

On the bright side
we feel happier
when we have one less enemy

i believe
every religion teaches us to be good
and the art of forgiving
tops the list of well-being

good luck to all

*this post is also a reminder for myself, always forgive, with an open heart.

God bless you all :)

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  1. i also need more practice on make life easier..lets gambate together dear:)