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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need Strength...

Right now,
I am very troubled
for tomorrow's observation.

I've no idea why I was so relaxed for the previous ones
I should have faith that my Form 4 KP2 will cooperate
and they will be able to construct sentences with phrasal verbs
It shouldn't be difficult, right?

time to prepare the materials
update my Rekod Pengajaran Harian
update my portfolio
write my journal
have a good early sleep.

As much as I hope 20th May will approach soon
I think i will be very sad to leave my students,
notably the Form 1KS and Form 4 KP2

I pray that you all will be successful in the future
be good and play your role as a student
shine for the Lord~

as I too,
am playing my role as your teacher
forgive me if i didn't meet up to your expectations
and thanks once more,
for being my wonderful children at school :)

1 comment:

  1. exactly..i also have the love hate relationship with this whole business..lets gather ourselves and do our best..anyway, it's once in a lifetime..isn't it? :)