Friday, June 3, 2011

scribblings of thought

it has been exactly one week since I came back from Johor Bahru.  What have i done?

Gawai visiting? Nope.

Beach? Nope.

Mountain climbing? Nearly, but nope.

Badminton? YES! with 4 old time buddies: Robin, Kei, Owen & YLip.  No gurls :(

Weddings? Just witnessed another beautiful church wedding, of Alvin Ho and Adeline.  It was held at St Joseph's. 

Yam Cha? Oh yes, Sunny Hill Ice Cream with Ted.  Arts Meal with Alex.  Novus Cafe with another 10 secondary school mates.  Rock road seafood, kolo mee, pizza hut and kfc with Andrew, Hong Kong Noodle House with Yvonne, Adeline and Alex, Delize with Yvonne, Andrew, Cynthia and her bf, Gilbert~! Nice meeting him, Cyn :)

Cambridge? Yes, thankfully it's Gawai so there are few opportunities to meet as adorable as 7 years old and as wise as 60 years olds. Haha~

Movies? Yeap, re-watched Pirates 4, and dozed off, in cozy arms :P Kung Fu Panda 2! Oh, *smiling now while recalling back the innocent baby Po* (^_^)

Blogging? Nah, have been very lazy.  If not for now that i'm home alone, practically killing time. Haha.

What should i do  next week? Ah...i wanna get a job! not solely for $$, but i'm just bei-sit-tiam. Haha.

Activities in mind:
1.  gym
2. piano
3. reading
4. baking
5. florist?
6. swimming

ah...time to be driver. chio~


  1. drop by penang, and i'll sent you screaming while riding pavilion on my motorbike along the Penang coastal highway... xD

  2. List 8? Visit Sabah. shall get your salary first!