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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ms Ratha and Hui Yi are in town!

cyn, sam, me, bruno, faisal, yvonne, hui yi & ms ratha
 Belated entry. No idea when will we get to meet Ms Ratha.
 She's like a mother to us.
When a teacher sincerely cares, even the most naughty/quiet student will cherish her.

bilin, ostrich rolls, sugar cane chicken, seafood soup, grilled lamb
 haven't dine at Bla Bla Bla since 2009 christmas. The place changed, expanded to two floors.  Another new pond and the seating arrangements were changed to accommodate more diners.  We are all changing too; from walking past this restaurant at a younger age without $ to indulge, to going with special friends, to sister's convocation dinner, to bringing 'overseas' friends ... and maybe, the next time, to foot the bill for expanded family XD

love the sand, the wind...n the girl! :P

recently upgraded: infinity swimming pool.
 met Uncle David here. A humble and hardworking child of God.

spaghetti bolognese, thai soup n sam, did u order lamb/chicken chop?
kesimpulannya, these are the among the few close friends i met throughout the 6 years TESL course. We'll be going to different schools, may our wish to be posted near home come true.  Do come again, Hui Yi, and bring your other half along.  Thanks to Yvonne and Cynthia for driving us around Kuching - hometown is always one of the best place in the world~! :)