Friday, July 29, 2011

Diamond Peel at Slimming Sanctuary

Slimming Sanctuary 11th Anniversary offers RM 11 packages.

Thanks to Savina, who sold her boyfriend's package to me, I get to experience DIAMOND PEEL facial treatment.  Initially, I was aiming for the 45 mins 3 steps facial, but i'm a bad liar.  Anyway, this time, the consultant was much more professional. She encouraged me to take the Diamond Peel treatment which originally costs RM 180!

The 10 mins was short, but I must say, after 3 days (and back from a short live-band-club-visit), I am still VERY HAPPY with the result.  So what is so interesting about Diamond Peel?  To me, it's like having mini vacumn cleaner sucking out all the dirt on your face, leaving it A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. clean - phrase quoted from the consultant.

Diamond Peel

This treatment uses wands with a disposable diamond tips that propels crystal flow to the skin and also vacuums away the dirt and dead skin cells. Immediately after treatment, the skin feels softer and smoother. Weekly treatment sessions produce the much sought-after «pinkish glow», making one look young and vibrant. Usually up to ten diamond tips may be used, and each of them is selected depending on the individual properties of the skin.

check out or better, experience it yourself during this promotional period... :)

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