Quotation of the Day

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reset. Rumba.

I forgot my passsword for this blog. And i just went to Maybank to reset my password for debit card. Gosh, has staying at home for 2 months really aged my brain?!

Thankfully, passwords are so easy to reset.

Somehow, I wish I have better memories! 

Recently, I joined my neighbour Aunty Carrie to Pusat Perkhidmatan Warga Tua, for dancing classes.  No, my memory did not get worse because I mixed with the old folks. In fact, I salute each and everyone of them there.  Most of them were retirees, if not 55 years old and above.  BUT, they can dance!  The steps!! The hundreds steps, they can remember them perfectly!!

I especially enjoyed the Ballroom Dance on Monday morning.  The middle age male teacher was very generous and patient in teaching us.  According to him, a dancing class can easily costs to RM60-80 per month. Therefore, we should appreciate the FREE coaching he's providing! :)

Steady right these dancers~! Anyway, learning the baby steps is fun.  At least I no longer sleep till 10am!