Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i am NOT a shopaholic =P

I am not a shopaholic! i'm NOT addicted to online boutiques..

gosh... i must have been influenced by my peers or should i just accept the fact that i fell to tempation.

the world is beautiful~

the girls in those dresses are gorgeous~

and to think dreamily, that i'll look good in those dresses!


since i activated back my maybank debit card,

i have bank in a few cheques this holidays

as well as transfering out :X


please let this fever be over~

how can i stop these itchy hands

answer: put those money in fix D

and tata~ wanna go have supper with friends also have to think twice


anyway, blogging this out to refrain myself from doing anymore online transactions.

Good day folks~~

btw, i'm loving my 'holidays'.. how bout u? :)

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