Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Build a Human

Another 15 minutes to enter 4D, one of my favourite class~  We'll be watching the documentary about cloning, entitled 'How to have Sex'.

The title alone excites the students; so is the teacher! As you know, EST is connected to Science and Technology.  Therefore, seeing a penis penetrating a vagina is alike the notes we learn in Biology.  Just that, we'll be seeing the video instead of an illustrated picture.

Honestly, I've shown part 1 'How to Build a Human' three times, for 4B,  4C and 4D; and the wonder of cells still captivates me!  Imagine, we, able to sit here and typing, was actually from the fertilization of the biggest cell a.k.a. Ovum and the smallest cell, a.k.a. Sperm!  Thousands of sperms attack the ovum, but only one will penetrate into it~ Ah...

Moral of the story: Appreciate the little things in life *lame* haha~

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