Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i graduated

Introducing my passionate Japanese Language UTM tutor - future ah sao : Miss Ida Tan :)

Baby Xin Yu: easily cries when attention is not given to her. love her smiles~

I never knew true and selfless friendship, until I met you. *lolx*

Andrew: Entering our 3rd year dating. Thanks for attending my convo darling =)

My secondary school mate came from Sunway, with his girlfriend. Thanks Sam! All the best to Steven and Jasmine too :)

Little Joanne: cute and bright!

Practicum partner Effah: She taught me how to cook simple dishes, tom yam!

Mark: the only Sabahan we have. The biggest palm i've seen!

Miss Ho. Yiing. Lucy. I'm just so grateful for graduating with a lucky First Class Honours!

11 out of 46. 
Standing L-R: Tidy kalmeet, bestie Yvonne, ordinary Me, chatty Ziham, chef Sam, sexy Cynthia
Squatting L-R: handsome Bruno, angelic Amirul, religious Faris, helpful razmi and generous Khalis!

our Serdang Chinese Methodist Church juniors, all from Sibu =)

and my loving parents who can be very funny at times =) 

Last but not least, Malcolm Tang: respectful, multi tasker, brilliant and an attractive hard core MU fan.

Heartiest thanks to all of you, for brightening up my life =)

Update request by Ed:

Ed, the man in black and blocks. Haha. Few adjectives about his buddy: Not forgiving (he still blames me uploading a picture of us which caused him to break up with his then gf); other than that, he's a funny guy, helpful, sincere and yes, he treats those who treats him well :) ps, hope our friendship doesn't end here (^_^)

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