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Monday, October 24, 2011

coming to an end.

7:45am  Send pendrive to mom at General Hospital.  Parents never grumble but dutifully send us to school since kindergarten days; I don't know if this happens to other families, but sometimes my siblings will be reluctant to do the 'Extra' chores. Eg: cleaning the kitchen, buying the groceries, having meals at home with parents or simply, have pillow talk/ tv session with parents.  -p.s. had an 1 hour pillow talk session with mom last night <3 -

8:15am  Googled for 'Doublewoot' again! Was at the verge of purchasing another blouse (Red Lacey top) until I had to deliberately pull over my bedsheet, start the washing machine, throw in my applegreen comforter, in the hope of distracting myself from the dress addiction.  C'om, need not mention the Bosnia poverty, deep within our beloved Sarawak, there are countless of villagers who lived in poverty.  How many headbands can I wear?  How many dresses can one body wear a time? Yiing Yiing, please.  Attn to Yvonne: help each other? (perhaps limit to 1-2 dress per income?) -_-"'

10:10am  Gave Miss Cindy the pinkish headband.  She loved it! She is interested to come over to make, perhaps a new friendship will be bonded :)  Btw, through this madness of making headbands, Yvonne and I got to know a new friend: Enid Sim!  She bakes; for sale; real good stuff.

12:30noon Busy preparing the final exams papers for each class; couldn't join Mdm Margaret and colleagues out for lunch. She said the shark tastes good; I had Nasi Lemak, RM 1:50, tastes good though its cold dy. haha.    

1:45pm  Back from class 2A.  Gosh, I think I will miss this naughty class very much!  Michael, Rita, Timotheus, Adeline to name a few.  They are super talkative; yet they excel in tests with a near perfect score!  They are natural actors and actresses; such potential and courage to act in front of the class!  How I miss our Theater course in UPM =)

2:20pm Going to invigilate the Form 4 at the library later.  3 teachers invigilating at the same time =) 

The spot I'm sitting at now, the teacher's room; the few colleagues I get to know, the students especially.. this school....2 months passed just like that.. solely for my memory.  

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