Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reservoir Park Kuching

Back from an hour's brisk walking with mom earlier. Once again, this Reservoir Park lifted my mood. How can one not be charmed by Mother's Nature?

Did you see the the platform above? Due to the non-stop rain in Kuching for the past 24 hours, it was flooded.  Poor drainage. Nevertheless, the cooling atmosphere this evening successfully welcomed parents and tots and a few couples; as well as singles who are health conscious.

Can't help admiring the kids, posing with their father for their mother to snap a picture. - sweet memory, must pen down- :P

Ah, this photo was taken 5 years ago.  I do hope this greenery will forever remain within the heart of Kuching.  Oh by the way, that white tall building at 1o'clock is our Civic Centre; I used to enjoy playing the lift to get up there and enjoy the scenery and breeze. The gym which replaced the state library at the ground floor was also removed, poor feng shui I suppose. 

Did you you the semi-globe besides Civic Centre?

Planetarium Sultan Iskandar

Though it's a just a stone's throw away from home, but I've yet to view our outer space. 

Just googled:

Something to look forward to this week :)

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