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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The best cny guest!

Woke up late today. Rang up my buddy to visit her. Reverse my car, ek ek, weird, continue driving...slanting de..weird, parked at road side. alamak! one tyre punctured! 

A girl's instant reaction: call for rescue. Since still near home, called koko. He directed me to drove home, slowly.  The snail journey started, and safely reached home.

Open bonnet to change tyre. What a morning! The spare tyre burst. Don't ask me why. I'm not the owner. Called sis and she said she just checked last month.

First time encounter a tyre puncture experience. But the highlight of this entry is ========>

(googled for this, not him, but they're alike) haha.

Milo dropped by for a surprise chinese new year visiting!! Ah, the instant leap of joy is beyond words. I fed him some cookies and layer cake. His body can take it right. cuz we don keep leftover food. He finished the cold rice greedily too.

You made my day, handsome!! (^_^)

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