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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A time for everything

There's a time for everything.

A time to cry
to unleash all the frustrations
and sadness
to cry out loud in bedroom when no one's around.

A time to spill out
one's thoughts on a blog.

A time to laugh and joke with friends
to take photos and develop the good ones

A time to make up
and wear heels and in new dress
and receive ang pows with a smile

A time to kill the hope of admirers
and a time to fantasize about future

A time to be isolated from the world
and dive deep into the swimming pool
and touch the bed

A time to smack at badminton court
and to strike in a bowling alley

A time to conquer mountains
and a time to put away old memories
in a memory box

because when 2013 cny arrive
there'll be a time to open the box
and smile upon seeing the old memories
which were so beautiful once.

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