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Thursday, January 26, 2012



Purposely rose up from bed to pour out my feelings.

This Chinese New Year, I've met up with many friends.  Most of them knew I was posted to Kapit.  Below are a few reactions:

1.  Wah, Ulu Kapit is so far! How many years will you be there?

2.  Where is Kapit?

3.  Don't worry.  God has a plan for you. You'll meet your Mr. Right there.

4.  Take it as a good experience.

5.  Quickly get married then you'll be transferred back.

6.  "Anyone else going with you?"
     "Yes, 4"
     "That's better."

only one friend mentioned:

Don't go. Compensation of RM 123k? That's alot! But you've to travel by boat, it's so dangerous.. There'll be crocodiles along the river etc..

And this friend actually phoned another friend to persuade me not to report duty and break the contract.

Thanks to all for your concern.  Sam, bruno and Ling got posted there.  God is with us, we'll all survive. =)

........and one scorned! (#!$!@%)

I was so pissed thinking of her reaction.  I've came across friends who asked why I wanted to be a teacher.  I answered honestly "passion".  Serious, I do find joy in teaching; at least more than the accounting course I took after SPM.

But to see her face looking down at my profession, and commented sarcastically about me going to Kapit, I do feel very hurt and disappointed of this so-called friend.

We shouldn't have wasted our petrol to visit her.  You are working overseas, earning dollars; so what?  If not for teachers, can you even graduate and be accepted to work overseas? You own an iPhone and mocked that kapit won't have 3G even I can afford an android. I was stunned. You are underweight yet you can straightforwardly commented a model figure lady gained weight, without any laughter to turn that sensitive critic into a joke? Geez, what have we done wrong to cause such discomfort in your eyes?  Tell me.

I don't wish our friendship to end this manner; having you to look at your watch and shoo us away from your house, that was rather disrespectful and shallow action. You appeared rather decent on your pictures with your boyfriend. Though he loved you, but we overhead him commenting you shouldn't shoo guests during CNY.  Hope this misunderstanding will cleared before we all go separate ways. 

Ah....when my friends are too busy to listen to my story, this blog became my faithful listener.  Happy 2012 dear blogspot (^_^)


  1. hang in there lucy! and as for ur friend, she's sooo totally unworthy of to be mentioned in ur blog!

  2. tak baik marah marah masa taun bau cina.first time see u so angry.

  3. hi Amanda, cuz i still regard her as a friend. and others have been back gossiping bout her recent change of attitude.

    hi malcolm, you know me, after pouring out, i'll be smiling away. haha.