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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mubahay from Philippines~

Sibu-KL-Clark Field (4 hours via Air Asia), took a 2 hours bus to Manila.

Day 1: Manila City Tour, Greenbelt, Makity City.

7am ferry from Cebu to Bohol. We took Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Cebu.
Took a ground tour, tour guide came to pick us. The thing about blogging late, memory loss, can't remember his Philippine's name. Anyway, he was a friendly tour guide :) (minus the fact he offered a double fare to airport, hm..)
Before reaching the peak of Chocolate Hill lookout point, tour guide dropped us by a souvenir shop and we took a few photos here.
Thank you Cupid! I'm currently struck with the love portion =)
Personal favourite shot with my buddy Yvonne! Thank you for making this vacation so complete!

Since young, I'm told caterpillars are poisonous and well, it's spongy :)
Lunch on cruise @ Loboc River. P450 per pax (round RM 40) one hour cruise and watched kids perform at stops.

Baclayon Church, Bohol.

Blood Compact Site, Bohol.

TARSIERS! Geez, aren't they adorable!
TARSIERS are the only extant entirely carnivorous primates. Tarsiers are amazing jumpers able to jump 40 times more than its own weight. Young tarsiers are born furred and with open eyes. They are able to climb within a day of birth. Tarsiers are able to rotate their head 180 to compensate for the immovable eyeballs! Their third finger has the same length as their upper arm. The second and third toes of their hind limbs bear claws instead of nails using for grooming. Tarsier exhibits the slowest fetal growth rates of any mammal taking 6 months to reach a birth weight of 23 grams. Scientists differentiate tarsier species through their song and singing styles. Tarsiers do sing in high-pitched voice.  
Butterfly Farm staff took the initiative to take creative shots for us.
chilling out by the beach.

Casa Manilla..

Mexican Food @ SM Mall, Manila
Getting ready to Dolphin Watching, snorkelling at Tagbuliran & Virgin Island.

Sea urchin. Tasted like mussels, eaten raw, with a dash of vinegar.

Virgin Island.

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This trip, we touched crispy cacoon, rubbery caterpillar, spiky urchin, hard starfish. Tasted vinegar-ed sea urchin & having butterflies as earring & hair accessories.

And, that is why I heart travelling.
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(Sorry for the unorganized photos, due to weak WiFi connection at Kapit.)
Overall, this budget trip exceeded our budget. Nevertheless, it's worth the $ for the experience and memories shared Hui Yi, Yvonne and Samantha. Due to the war between Sabah & Sulu, we did consider cancelling our trip. This is the perfect time to PRAISE GOD. It was truly a blessed journey, with beautiful weather, protection and ... cheerful hearts :)

It's the holy week (24th-30th March 2013) when we were there. Since Philippines is populated by Catholics, we are amazed that shopping complexes were closed on Holy Thursday (thus the last minute shopping idea was replaced by strolling along the Riverside, watching sunset, I like!)

Traveling is addictive.

p/s To my future husband, can we have a simple wedding by the beach and use the $$ for a memorable honeymoon instead?  Hahahahaha! Yeah, dreams can come true.

Rejuvenated. Enjoying basking in the sunshine while waiting for the best to come.


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    1. regretfully, I didn't.
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    1. Indeed =) It's Holy week, so most of the sculptors are covered with purple cloth....