Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prayer & Words of Encouragement


Finally, our 5 weeks course is over!  Geez, how time flies and it's unbelievable I managed to survive. 

Dear God, 
I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart, especially for today.  Yesterday, I was so anxious and nearly burst to tears before the quiz, the presentations to come..and I've no idea being a two-year-old teacher, I still suffer from stage fright.  How I admire my coursemates  who  appeared so confident and eloquent on stage.  

Thank you dear Evelyn for burning the midnight oil with me last night to prepare the powerpoint slides...and praying together with me this morning before presentation. Yvonne just complimented me that I did a good job this morning, saying she was amazed 'Wow, is this Lucy?' hahahahhaha....okay, I can't remember what I presented this morning, nor did I remember I stood out away from the rostrum and my hands actually .... flew up and down?

It gotta be the God who helped me pouring out the words. lol... p/s thanks darling for your constructive feedback. As always, you did a wonderful job too, so natural in explaining all the Ivan Pavlov's Behaviourism theory, Thorndike's etc...how do you remember all that....? you're awesome!

Behaviourism:  Rewards & Punishment (Operant Conditioning)
                           Stimulus-Response (Classical Conditioning)

Introducing our Issues in Literature's group members:  Dinesh and Shiva :)

 These two men appear to take things easy, but no, when they present, they've so much talk about...the floor is literary theirs!  A reminder from them "Relax~" hahaha.....

Not forgetting to thank the man who love me most in the world: DADDY! Guess no matter how old we are, we'll always find comfort in our parents' loving encouragement.  Thanks to my mentor too, "Fake it until you make it." hahaha.

Went home last weekend to witness Cynthia's wedding. So happy for them!  and our dear Hui Yi is pregnant! Can't wait to see baby next March! 

Being posted so far away from home, and having this part time masters really make me doubt my decision at times. I really missed out A LOT, especially the quality time with my niece.  and nephew.  Parents are getting older, I really hope I'll get my transfer soon.  May your will be done, Lord. But one thing for sure, no matter where I am, there's always this lovely place called - HOME.

p/s Time to do our portfolio - teaching plans & material designs. Come back to you again, bloggie :)

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