Wednesday, December 4, 2013


A fruitful night~  Feeling accomplished!

Our ever dedicated group leader just uploaded our 'Important Dates'. 

Seeing the dates and things-to-do, I feel like a superwoman.

Presentations, 3 Journal Reviews (Individual), Portfolio, Textbook Checklist, Quiz, Error Analysis, Blog, Online Forum, Final Exam, Behaviorism Presentation, 3 research-based article review, another final exam, Literature in ESL Presentation, Report on Literature Teaching Approaches, Quiz and another final exam.....All these (excluding the finals, which falls after CNY, and excluding our daily lectures), will be accomplished in 10 days time.

The good news is, I'm not alone on this ark :) That's why God created friends for us, they're like angels sent to protect me.  The sad thing is friends come and go.  It's a sad fact I've to accept.  An occasional 'How are you?' meant a lot to me.  Knowing someone out there still remembers me never fail to warm my heart.  Nonetheless, not everyone thinks alike. Your concern might not be returned with an expected warm response.  But that's okay.  It all boils down to priorities and how important you are to him/her. 

Good night world :)

p/s It's December! Merry Christmas in advance! Where will you be this Christmas? =)

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