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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A day to remember.

Today, 27th February 2014 (Thursday) ... sends shiver down my spine. My fingers are shaking, exaggeration, my eyes are swollen, from crying.  When was the last time you cried?

The first news Tiing told me early in the morning, while we punched our cards, Wen Mei passed away. I ... I double confirmed three times. It's a shame I don't remember her Chinese  name.  She's been unwell for years; it's a good thing she no longer has to face the pain for she's now free and loved in our heavenly Father's embrace.  I don't know her well.  What I remember are her smiles, her devotion to Christ, her positivity.  I remembered she told us to do our best for choir, for she wanted to, but her breathing difficulties prevented her from pursuing that interest.  Nevertheless, she served outstandingly as a bass player, guitarist...I remember she held me by my arms and took this selfie, it's our first and last...

Alice, thank you....

I thought that's enough to bear for the day.  But guess God gave me another assignment.

I received another news.  3 of my Form 3 girls were caught by the police at the hotel last night, no, this 2am... My heart torn into pieces.  While attending prayer meeting tonight, God keeps telling me...instantly, it struck me:  have I failed as a teacher?

I talked to few friends about this.  I felt bad. Yes, I'm deeply affected.  Why have I not taught them to cherish their bodies.  I never really sit down and really talk to them.  They are considered the good girls in my class.  By good, I meant paying attention to class, doing their homework and trying their best to answer my questions, in English. 

They're still ALIVE. They're SO YOUNG!  They're....oh Lord.  Why.... Are their parents aware of this?  Some say, yes, their parents allowed them to do so.... for money.  Geez, money is THE ROOT to all evil!

From the other perspective, what if they really NEED the money? 

I'm not their parents nor am I their principal, form teacher, counselor, moral teacher.....but still, God planted me here. Why have I not ... how many more are there?  It's my 3rd year working here, I've heard many cases but this, these are the girls I've taught since my first year... what will be become of them?  how many more will they drown... how many unscrupulous heartless men are out there preying for an underage girl... 

I am glad, really grateful they were caught red handed... Please girls, learn and don't.... *breathing...*

who says teaching is an easy task.

Back to Alice.. Just last Saturday, we received the news of the passing of Mr Jimmy, a MUET teacher at St Jo... and the following day, the demise of our ex-colleague's husband. And today, Alice...and Amanda's beloved Sookie (dog).  I can't imagine how their families go through this... What is it like to loss somebody you loved so much.  When my hamsters died, I locked myself in my bedroom and cried under my blanket... It tore me to see my students dying, metaphorically. 

THERE'S HOPE, IN GOD.  God is faithful.  Yes, everything happened for a reason. Once again, I'm reminded of my purpose here on Earth - here, now.

My Form 3B! So pleased to see them putting in effort. 


  1. Truly a day to be remembered. My dog died and I cried like I lost a human friend. What more if you lose a human friend? I can't imagine nor can I compare what I've been through with those who go through loss of a human friend/family. But for me it sure felt the same. Sigh. There's this saying that God is closest to us when we're broken. So yeah, he is there with us now, holding our hands. :)

  2. I was really surprised that you were so emotionally involved with your students selling themselves for easy money. Maybe the reason for you to feel so emotionally involved with your students is reason for you to take some kind of action? You may not be able to 'save' those who are already involved but you might be able to prevent more from joining.

    As to what kind of action to take? It is for you as a professional to find out the best ways to reach out to your audience. Instead of being reactive, be proactive. Be ready to fail courageously & for people to second-guess your intentions.

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