Saturday, April 12, 2014

JB - USS, Singapore - Kch - Kapit


Taking 15 mins off my research to store my precious memories here.
Rewind back to March's holiday......
Hui Yi and Colin came to pick Yvonne and I at Senai Airport in their new VIOS. Woots~ We were invited to stay at their house back in Batu Pahat. Get to carry little baby Arissa Tan :) She doesn't cry much and HY, you are doing a good job as a mummy! =)


Congratulations ED~!! Finally, our bestie got  married! To our junior in IPTI. How's it going so far? Haha. Glad to reunite with our Cohort 4 TESLIANS. One thing obvious, most of our Malay coursemates came to Tangkak, with babies~! Haha. Oh man, Yvonne, when will our turn be? Haha.


Well, we single ladies enjoy our singledom too. Straight after the wedding reception, we boarded the bus to Bugis, Singapore~ It was a spontaneous decision. We booked this lovely backpackers the night before at HY's via Agoda. Good dea, RM 66 per head for a female dorm~ 5FootWayInn It's located at.. (should have blogged when my memory is still good) Bugis.  Breakfast is included.  Wi-Fi too. I enjoyed my stay here =) Get to chat with a French who speaks fluent Mandarin, over breakfast.


Marina Bay~ Wee Chuan says there's an Light Event going on that week. So we headed over after USS, Keppel Bay, Labrado Park and by the time we took the new line, it was near 11pm... Took this view from Helix Bridge. Saw a couple hugging each other so tightly for ... 25 minutes? same position, face-to-face, not much talking. Guess it's pretty cozy with the night breeze caressing their bodies. haha.


Tada~ My second visit to Universal Studio Singapore~ Yvonne's 3rd. this time round, Human and Alien were under maintainance.  Am I glad to experienced Transformer and the Jurassic Park's Water ride this time round~  Our new friends, Philip Ho & Min Wei :)  Not exactly new, just this spontaneous getaway was so random.  Recalling back.....3 years ago. MW came back fr Aussie after his masters, Yvonne intro me to guide them for Santubong Mountain climb. That's it,followed by a few rounds badminton, go-kart race, karaoke, dinners and CNY visiting....we hardly keep in touch after that 2011 year end holidays...then they suddenly drop by for a CNY visit this year. And voila, our USS trip came true~ haha. Thanks guys, it was really a wonderful trip :)

One of my favourite shot~! 


Before heading to Changi, Philip and I took the cab to this so-called famouse bak kut teh shop. They had more spices in it. And it's served with Mee Sua. We took the train back to our hotel. It's just a short distance on the map, but I think it took us nearly an hour to get back. Running to catch the train and waiting for a bus. Nonetheless, I am now looking back with a smile on my face (^_^)


What's next? Once I touched down Kuching, I rang up my childhood buddy. She's back from London!! And look who she brought home along. Mr Cornel! He's never seen a real crocodile so this Jong's crocodile farm sorta impressed him. haha.This lovely birds are back in Romania now. Wish I spent more time with her, our holidays is only but a week.

Photo: Laser tag fun game =D  

15 hours before heading back to Kapit, Philip invited us for Laser Tag. Met his brother Jabez and invited Yun and Wong along. The more the merrier. Oh man, do you remember this game at Pending? Played it for a few times after SPM. Running in the dark, shooting your enemies. So they've this new Laser Tag at City One.  RM 30 for two games. As predicted, I lost. If you want to be an easy target, wear White and smile while hiding (if you uses Darlie). Red team won.


Time to head back to Kapit. Hate to admit, but life here is really comfortable. A quiet Sunday afternoon, back from Sunday service and marketing, listening to the birds chirping, surrounded by greenery. Don't you think it's more of a relaxation holiday here rather than my activities-filled holiday? That's why...pls, send me home~ Approve my transfer back to Kuching....Yeap, I just submit my application. Kindly keep me in your prayers k? It's my 3rd year serving here. I love my kids here, my work, church, life..but I really miss my family. I don't want to keep my future husband waiting too long. haha. (might privatize this entry again)



Look how loving my colleagues are~ Capturing and documenting these wonderful moments here.  (Pic 1 leisure walk up the hill, pic 2 Nong's signature green beans soup, Pic 3 Chan's homemade soy drink Pic 4 home-shaved banana icecream.) haha

4 more days to Good Friday's holiday~ Have a spiritual and meaningful Palm Sunday guys~ The Holy Week starts =)

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