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Sunday, June 1, 2014

hello Ipoh =D

10:53pm, runny nose yet dare not take my favourite Piriton as I've tons of unread journals and assignments to be ...started. So yeh, the school holidays started last week, but we're here at UPSI.  The good thing about 'how time flies' is that...can you believe this is our final semester?! Geez, can't wait for this to be over.

For this third semester, we have:
1) BIP 6034 ESL Course and Syllabus by Dr Intan Safinas Mohd Ariff Albakri (am I super glad to have her back!!)
2) BIP 6024 Assessing Language Competence by Dr. Che Ton Mahmud (retiring in 4 years yet her bubbly and dramatic nature didn't fail to make the class entertained!)
3) BIL 6034 New Englishes by Dr Ainon Omar (so we're going to study the English language policies from different countries....hm....it might be interesting to know and compare our Malaysian education policy with others)

Studies aside. So yesterday, Yvonne and I had the golden opportunity to visit Ipoh.  Thanks to Ah Lun, Ah Jia and Vanessa~ 

Photo: A joyful ride with Marilyn Monroe
haha, look at Marilyn Monroe's face, effects of eating too much! The moment we reached Ipoh, we literally eat non-stop.


bought a skirt in there and a pair of earrings. recently, have the special feelings of dressing more girly. haha..

Photo: No seats inside? We will sit outside.
Thanks Vanessa, for bringing us around your lovely hometown! You are one friendly and awesome tour guide. We were very much entertained :D

This 3D master piece by Ernest does worth a thumbs-up, right?

Photo: Ernest Zacharevic's master piece in progress^^
Ernest Zacharevic's work in progress...an old man sipping coffee~~ too bad he's not around,they say this ang moh is pretty handsome.

Photo: [31.05.2014] Jumps of joy^^ Mini escapade to the lovely Ipoh town. Strolling along this wall painting street.
by Eric Lai. A local I supposed. Many paintings along this street...there, you see tourists snapping away their cameras. haven't been to the orang utan's wall painting in Kuching, have you?
Photo: 老黄芽菜鸡 @ Ipoh! ^^
Due to traffic jam, we managed to reached Ipoh after a 2:15mins ride from Tanjung Malim. First thing off, fill our tummy with this famous bean-sprouts chicken. yummm~  the coffee shop is really packed!

Jia Yiing Ho's photo.
yeap. this is it. the famous Ipoh Old Town Coffee's DAD's shop! and you must order the kueh tiao from the opposite shop. this coffee shop is very crowded, and you can see tourists like us queuing and taking photos with takeaway  coffee under the sun! haha!

Photo: 几年不见的老朋友! Road trip to Ipoh^^
Who would have thought? friends that have met each other years, can actually feel so relaxed with each other? it's really a blessing to have friends :)

Last but not least, wishing all Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai~!! Satu Malaysia spirit eh :D

I've so much to blog~ About my friends' visit to Kapit on my birthday, about the Remedial Instruction Workshop...about my baby niece and baby nephew...about my rejected transfer...about....a VIP in my life =)

Life is goooooood.  Okay, as any other human beings, I've my down moments too; just every challenge really pull me closer to God and nowadays when non-VIP gives me cold shoulders etc, I no longer give a dam_. You want my respect, respect me first. haha....likewise, if I want your love, I will love you too. haha....above all, love one another. The greatest commandment, no? =)

May 2014 was Merry~~!! and June 2014 will be Joyful~!!

God bless each and everyone of you~! \(^_^)/

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