Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Happy 61st Birthday Daddy!!
Hi Bloggie,
    Gomenasai~ It has been more than half a year since I blogged. It's Hari Raya tomorrow. My family and I just came back from celebrating dad's earlier birthday.  Food at Ten Ichi Japanese Restaurant, Lok Thian, was ... 78%. The mushroom was too salty to the extent sis has to dip into the plain water for the little ones. Hm... same goes to the Duck Noodles at Boulevard Restaurant yesterday, too salty till I wasted the food. Complaint about the over-sweet honey lemon and they replaced with another equally sweetened beverage. Enough of complain....

    The reason I'm back here is that I finally find time to quiet down myself and analyse how had my life been so far. For the past six months, things had not work well with him. I think we both tried to make things work. I do not understand why we constantly quarrel over petty issues. Well, is finance really a big problem? Guess so. I wish I am a docile girl, never inquire about money related stuff. I wish I am just a punch-in-and-out teacher, merely doing my part and nothing more. I wish I am obedient and submissive. 

   Sadly, I am not. I ... compared to other ladies, I won't think I spend a lot. I mean, maybe a little, but I kept on emphasize that I work extra hard for my side income and ... fine, lazy to explain. Perhaps, you are right. The next man will treat me better, appreciate me more. Ha....

   *3 minutes of sobbing* 

   I don't think I can complete this entry. 

  Let's look back at the joyous moments from Jan - June 2015~

Tiger Kingdom, Phuket.  May 2015
Who would have thought this vacation tore us apart. Ha.... It was supposed to be a fun and relationship-strengthening trip. I still trust God has His purposes :')

Was this your 3rd or 4th time coming to Kapit? March 2015.
New colleagues. Erm....your company trip to Kanowit was cancelled last minute, yet you took leave to visit me. Thanks :)

Ka En Methodist Church members, CNY visiting at En Na's place :D
My Form 3A~ Pen Pal Writing Project with SMK Katibas~  

Ops, not a good idea to link work related posts to my personal life.... Even my photobook is mixed with Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kapit, Phuket, Students, Family, Church. Perhaps I will master the art of being organized one day, as in compartmentalize my personal feelings and work life. 

SMK Kapit English Club 2015 11th Meeting 
  My pride and joy! While sharing these photos with my English Club president Dorothea this afternoon, I told her looking back at these photos, we had really accomplished quite a lot this year. We had few competitions, and a health talk. I wish we could do more, like bringing you guys out for excursions or school visits.

Christian Club 2015 11th meeting
Birthday celebration~ So this year, apart from being the teacher-in-charge of English Club, I requested for Christian Club too. Embarrassingly, I have yet to baptized despite attending disciple class and having my IC changed to K. In fact, this is the 10th year I've been attending church and deep down in my heart, I know You are real and You love me very much. Thank You God for all the blessings in my life. I don't know what good I've done to receive all these blessings. Thank you God for my loving family, a career I'm so passionate for, a healthy body and mind, trusted friends and my love and desire to serve for the glory of your Kingdom. Forgive my sins dear Father in heaven, I've been....yeap, I learnt that, we should pray in the quiet, in our rooms. Something I'm still trying hard to comply to. I dunno why I just need to share out whatever happiness or sadness that's within me, like now. You see, when I posted here, I do hope to release all my innermost feelings and look back months or years later. I know this sorrowful phase will eventually passed. Yes, romantic relationship has never been a smooth sailing for me. Am I really that ambitious? I just hope for a man who would hold on tight to me and never let go. Perhaps I'm really too pampered by my family. In my colleagues' eyes, I'm labeled as the joyful and carefree teacher. In the eyes of students, they voted me as the 'Guru Senyuman Paling Manis 2015'. Hahahhaha, thank you guys! I just gotta be strong for this phase to get by. I lost hope that you will come back to me. For if you still love me, you will not wait till this long to ask me out. I duno if it's because of your immaturity or lack of confidence, but I'm truly tired to be treated like a ball. My dad adored me like a princess, the least I could do for him is not to make them worry about me anymore. 

Dear friends, need not read further. I'm just passing my time by typing...I wonder if there's anyone out there who minds typing mindlessly therapeutic. Haha.... 

STU Kapit 3rd DCM June 2015 , I'm officially appointed as their secretary!
Believe it or not. I actually accepted this new post: Secretary of STU Kapit. If not for the late Bro William Ghani, I doubt I would sacrifice my time and energy to be active in Sarawak Teacher's Union. Sis Kong left as she was promoted as the new principal of SMK Bandar Bintulu. The good thing about having a higher post is that we have more authority to do things. I remember Ustaz Aminah's final words to me before she got her transfer, 'with great power comes great responsibilities'.  Indeed, entering my 4th year in the adult working world, I have encountered several set backs, specifically in terms of work. I will not repeat the stories of rumours and negative critics by whom I naively regarded as friends, because I do not want to have their beautiful image tainted in my memory. I keep on reminding myself that no one is perfect, and that we are all sinners. Every thing that happened is a learning process for us. And believe it or not, God has His miraculous ways of showing us his will and He is always there with us, for us and remember the poem 'Footprints'? *wink*

Principal Manggie, how's retired life? 
 I like my principal, Mr Manggie. He's been very supportive of my programs and initiatives at school.  This is not my first time sharing: that I love to listen to his stories.  Am boy, I am glad to have my 3A and 5s1 throw him a farewell party! All the best and enjoy your retirement to the fullest, Mr Manggie!  You've served well for our country, your people and now, it is us, the younger generation to continue striving for our country.  Dear Lord, have mercy on my country Malaysia. Things are not at its best now, and with Internet, news spread like wildfire. I do not want to take sides for I still believe and agree to what Mr Manggie left us during his farewell speech: that we should respect our leaders. Forgive me God, if I've overstepped some leaders and caused them discomfort. They are anointed by you to lead our country, our school, our home, bless them with wisdom, understanding and a heart that fear and love you. Praying for the harmony of my beloved state and country.

my 28th birthday. How time flies....
There goes my childhood dream, to  be happily married by 28. Dear husband, where are you.... do you even exist? Cinderella is still holding on to the little faith left that her prince charming does exist and is riding through the thick forest to rescue her. hahahhah....1105pm, time to call it a night. 

Dear blog,  
     Thanks for being here for me, being a pair of listening ears. I've so many 'friends' on Facebook, but how many will pop in and say 'hi, how's your day'. ha....cuz I hardly do that to my friends nowadays. It has been quite some time since I last go out and socialize with my friends. I surely miss my uni days, when all we worry is about exam and shopping. Hahaha. I love my kindy years too, beautiful memory! Dear Yiing, you're fine. Everything will be alright. Same goes to you reading, I wish you good health, happiness and may you be a blessing to those around you. Cheers~

With love,


  1. Dear Jia Ying, just want to give you hugs :-) Hope you are alright now. Yes, you have sweet smiles, no wonder you win the title. Smiles work well because students enjoy the lessons delivered by teachers who smile a lot. Gambateh and take care. Continue to shine for God. Hugs :-)

    1. HI Sis! How's the haze at ur side?
      Lol....I'm laughing reading these back.
      God is Goooood!!! :)

  2. Hello there, accidentally clicked on a blogspot just now thus saw a link on top with my username on it. and skip the short story, found my long deserted blog. Clicked it, and I found you. I bet you don't know who am I, but well, hahaha. Keep up your hard work and enjoy your life. But maybe you can reduce your trip frequency. hahaha. go trip is very money costing lo. just wondering how you manage to have money to go on trip every time. envy, jealous, yet curios. haha. Anyway, God bless. If we were to meet again,...

    1. Lol...hi stranger. I'm working. Teacher pays quite well in Malaysia. I worked part time for my traveling interest. So, I guess, if u really like that sth, u will find ways for it. Why reduce my passion for traveling when all I have to do is find ways to earn extra? :)