Thursday, April 2, 2009

The fire continues to burn...

"All good things must come to an end." This is my exact feelings now. This entry will be the last post for this academic blog. We were to print out this blog and hand in on Monday. Somehow, I begin to feel a bit sad while writing this post. Why? Because, Dr. Edwin will be leaving us, very soon! After sitting for EDU 3217 final paper this Monday, we might not be able to see you again, as rumors spread that you will be migrating to UK soon. This entry is dedicated especially for you! Haha. Seriously, it is our blessings to have you as our lecturer. Your sense of humour, way of teaching, seriousness and dedication in teaching will forever be remembered in our little minds.

What do i think about this blog? One word - BRILLIANT! Believe it or not, I fell in love with this academic blog. This blog serves as a platform for me express my thoughts and when I looked back at my past entries, I was awed "Did I write all these?" Not to brag that I did a great job here, but when you mentioned my blog was one of those considered 'reflective', I felt so happy! The sense of achievement remains till this very moment! Everyone love to be praise, but getting a praise from you is not easy, therefore, I truly want to express my utmost gratitude because you created this golden opportunity for us to blog. Since it is compulsory for us to blog, now everyone of us own at least one blog, hopefully we will all continue blogging and this might be one of the rare means for us to keep in touch when we graduated, and walked into different paths in lives.

This blog is the best activity for this semester! You have no idea how I hate exams, and when I know this blog will carry marks to our finals, I smiled. Updating this blog has never occurred to me as a chore, though some of friends see it as a huge burden. In fact, I just love spending the lazy afternoon here at the resource centre to update my blogs. It is a way to recollect my thoughts and reflect on the plays, dramas etc I have learnt throughout this subject with you.

My fingers just don't want to stop typing, most likely they are afraid to face the reality that 'All good things must come to an end'. The good thing about this blogging is that there is no right or wrong in your postings, all you have to do is draw out your thoughts and feelings. But of course, you need to have content, not merely bragging about nothing! Another interesting part would be writing comments and reading comments from my peers. 'Someone out there is reading my blog!' What a satisfying feeling that is! May the fire to blog continue to burn...

P/s Dr Edwin, thank you so much for your guidance all this while. I hope to apply this 'blogging' idea in my future class, hopefully my students will be enthusiastic in blogging. Just hopefully by then, I would be able to manage my time as well as you so I have to time to update my blog, yours, as well as checking on my students' blog. God bless you, Sir!


  1. Keep this blog ya~
    Good luck and enjoy the blogging~

  2. Wah..It is really a blog based on your true feelings. I also really think that Dr. Edwin is a good lecturer. I thank him for indirectly "forcing" me to blog. At first it was a burden and I felt pressured about it, but, slowly, I managed to enjoy the whole process of blogging.

    I am going to miss him too. We are lucky to have the chance to be guided by him for one year. Pity our juniors who will not be able to meet him at all. All the knowledge that he had given me will remain. And hope that we will be able to meet him when we go London next year. And hope at that time, we will not be his called as dummies anymore! Haha...Peace!

  3. hye dear,.. i'm absolutely with you on this entry. Not that i'm not with you on the other entries but this one in particular i've found most related to. Of all your blogs that i have read, i could clearly noted that you are indeed expressive and full with excitement! you have given me insight and lots of informations on the course through your blogs, thank ya!! Oh yes, like Hui Nee, me too felt that it was quite a burden to have post the blogs at first, however, as times went by, i've started to enjoy the whole process.
    For real, i'm sure all of us going to miss him, too bad our junior would not have the opportunity to learn from in my opinion the best lecturer EVER!! (not trying to get extra mark here)i'm pretty much sure behind the tough macho man image that he's portraying, he will be missing the lectures as well if he'll not going to be missing us..hehe.. hope to read more of your blogs in the future..good luck for exam!!

  4. keep on bloggin girl!
    i am always ur faithful reader=p