Tuesday, April 14, 2009


4 hours before sitting for Teknologi Maklumat final paper, four chinese girls under the 'protection' of Topek went to catch the last screening of 'Talentime' at GSC, Alamanda Putrajaya.

This Yassin Ahmad's local Malay-English-Indian-Chinese movie simply caught my breath away, make me cry for three times, laugh the heart out and think critically of the issues portrayed in the movie. Forgive me for my shallow knowledge of Malaysia's local movies, what more to say the artists. Adibah Noor, the teacher-in-charge of the Talentime Night acts very well, thumbs up! As for Pamela Chong, a.k.a. Melur in that movie, i didn't even know she's a Chinese until the characters list came up at the end of the movie. Met her personally at Sarawak's Cultural Village when buddy Pamela was modeling for 'Cuti-cuti Malaysia' advertisment (sth like that). Pamela Chong was in the Amazing Race programme, well, this lady is surely someone i look up upon. So full of energy, humor and talents! Yes, she can dance well =) Last week, while the 46 of us TESLians were watching the theatre 'The Madman's Diary' at KLPAC, we got the golden opportunity to meet one of the actress who played the character as Melur' sister. She appeared much more prettier in real person! Then again, movie Talentime was shot 2 years ago! I wonder why they took such a long time to make it on air, the penapisan? Surely, there were alot of discrimination issues inside the movie.
Btw, Jaclyn Victor was in this movie too! Whoot! Not forgetting, the handsome chinese boy, by the name KaHoe! This boy reflects the typical chinese family, that prioritize academic excellence in order to achieve recognition in this country. He made a strong statement which astonished me, which goes sth like this "You people doesnt have to work hard also they will feed you." Ahem.. Is this really the case here in our country? Anyway, the story ended beautifully, when KaHoe shook hands with Hafiz and even played his chinese musical instrument (pipa?) while Hafiz played the guitar and sang a meaningfully beautiful song, especially dedicated for his mother who just passed away.

The death-bed scene is the most touching for it reminds me of my beloved grandmother who just passed away last November. May she rests in peace and know that we still remember and love her. Life, what is actually the purpose of life? We were born, went through laughters and tears, happiness and hardship, and at the end, we all leave this world? Is that all what life is about? I believe there is more to that. We are all here for a purpose. Different people have different goals and purposes in lives. It's your choice how you choose to live your life. May those who has yet to find their purpose in life found the answer soon, and for those who are clear with what you want, may you achieve your dreams! Happy Belated Easter Sunday!


  1. btw.. kahoe play er hu.. not pipa.. LOL
    and my lastest crush pete teo is nearly 40 years old with a son.. SOB

  2. and it is not yassin ahmad, it is Yasmin ahmad...

  3. lolx.so embarrassing..haha. thanks for correction, teachers~!