Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reflection on Pre & While-reading Simulated Teaching

Finally, all of us finished out simulated teaching for pre and while-reading activities. Though its over, but i find we all rush through this simulated teaching, like racing agaist time. Therefore, I can see not many of us can present our very best during the presentation even though the activities are interesting. Sad case.

Nevertheless, I would still reflect on my pre and while reading activities. I focus on the literary element regarding the settings in the play 'The Swordfish, then the Concubine' by Kee Thuan Chye. I chose to do this literary element because most of my peers have touch on themes and characterizations. Also, I think settings in a play is very important because it allows readers to have a clearer picture of the whole story, as if they can picture themselves in the situation, that location, at the precise time. A successful story can't rid off settings!

Back to my simulated teaching, I prepared worksheets, games and powerpoint slide for my students. First of all, I refresh students previous knowledge regarding settings and let them guess where and when did the story take place. Then I let them play a game which is to match the appropriate events to the related settings of time and place. Each group is given an envelope and a coloured paper. Inside the envelopes are cuttings of settings and the related events. Students are to take off the double-sided tape and match the answers on the coloured paper. The fastest group to finish the game will eventually win a prize! I believe giving rewards will make the students more excited and thus they will more eager to accomplish the task. No one hopes to be loosers in life, right? Also, group activities allow my students to cooperate and brainstorm for the correct answers. Thanks to my classmates for 'acting' as my students and they really participated actively in class. To me, having active classroom participation means the class is a success! I hate classes which are exercises-oriented. How many students like to do exercises over and over again? Therefore, I am satisfied with the activities I designed for my students.

What about my weakness? I can't wait to look at my friends evaluation on my presentation. So far, I've receive positive remarks saying I am actually presenting like a real teacher in class. Well, I think I was abit too rush when presenting. It's like there is a dog behind chasing after me! Luckily I am not the last few to present because by then, most students have already felt tired and the exercises seemed repetitive. On the bright side, some of the students did wonderful activities which I believe will be useful for us as future reference. Another two more years to go, then we will all be stepping into the real world of teaching. Are you ready?

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