Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Memorial of Ed's Father

Life is so unpredictable
When Dr Edwin says your father must be a good man
I immediately agree with a strong 'YES'
Yes, i remember his sorrowful eyes when saw your hurt hand
I remember you telling me how wonderful your dad was
That he was the only person who can solve the MAS aeroplane's problem
His trip to UK was memorable
The Levi's he bought for you will be treasured right
The good old times you father-son played football and badminton too
You are considered lucky to have such memorable good times with your dad
Yes, he must be a good man
That is why GOD takes him to HIS kingdom earlier
As for now
I truly wish you the best in life
To excel in all your future undertakings
To achieve the dreams you sore..
We ALL love you, no matter what.

In memorial of Ed's father, who passes away peacefully at his home on 14 April 2009, 10:30am..


  1. Thanks for the post about my dad... I hope he rest in peace... I have to take his responsibities at home... I will be fine... Thanks again Yiing!!!

  2. TAke care ed,
    and everyone too

  3. i believe that ed wil be very brave to face it..and know what he wil do..and we all know that we are always beside him no matter what..