Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Mission Trip to Betong

Hooray, our 5 hours road journey to Rh Ensudin, Betong embarks~! Yvonne shielding from the scorching sunlight with her sarung..haha. 3D2Ns = well-spent!

Skulls. Apart from the skulls i saw at Sarawak Museum, this is the real ones at Long House Rumah Ensudin. Iban long house. I really need to polish, no, learn some bahasa sarawak. The kids, eg Daniel, can speak 4 languages: Iban, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Sarawak, Chinese and English. How geng is that =)btw, head-hunting is no longer practiced here at Sarawak..

Me! Took several 'sendiri syok' photos here. Windy, clear sky, just wake up after a good night sleep..given a choice, would u choose to live in city or village? as for me, i wud love to spend my holidays at village, i miss Long Lama, it's just so peaceful. you can leave ur bike's key and go down to some grocery, also no one will come and drive your bike away..

Little Daniel Chin. I miss you! This little boy, is so active, adorable and sweet! When i open my arms, he'll come running, pause for a moment, smile, and continue running towards my embrace. haha. sounds so motherly here. It does feel good to hug and be hugged~! I miss you, take care and be careful while doing your 'gymnastics' k. God bless you my dear (^_^)

Breathtaking Scenery. Out of the many picturesque scenery that captured my heart, this is my favourite! I love this place, it's so peaceful. Want to have fish for dinner, easy, just get down the river, with the sampan and fishing net..voila, up came Ikan Keli etc..fresh and tasted so much nicer than UPM's..haha. same goes to vege, just cross the river and into the kebun, thr, you got yourself big leafy greens~ Free of charge, free from pesticides..Amen!

This is the first baptism i witnessed. Pastors dip their heads into the river, symbolizing new life is born. This is the original way how John the baptist baptise Jesus at the river. (pls correct / edit if i am wrong..) btw, 8 baptised at Rh Ensudin, praise to the Lord~!

Children Ministry. Thanks to brother Hadlee for leading this session. It seems so much easier to teach village kids to sing, dance and colouring than the city kids, at least they listen and participate. Well done, kids~!

Bare footed. Somehow, it feels good to touch the soil with our bare feet, so close to nature. Yvonne, little Daniel and I are running towards to Pig sty, uncle says there are piglets there. The little ones scattered so fast when i try to snap shots of them..lolx.

On the journey home to Kuching, thanks for driving Uncle Lawrence! Yvonne,Noraini and I. Slept, chat, tea break Lachau. Decades-old trees along Jln Tun Jugah chopped down, there goes our shades when we are stuck in the traffic jam under the scorching sun...Nasi sudah menjadi bubur, at least the traffic to KIA won't be that bad anymore..


  1. LOl,i was mostly attracted to the IPTI track bottom you were wearing,hahaha

  2. haha..yeah, i like the track bottom, he has been loyal to me, through hutan rimba conquering Mount KK n resist cold at Cameron Highlands..haha.see u two soon =)