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Sharing the Good News (^_^)

So many things happen in just one month, and i proudly says they are all happy things that happened in beautiful May. Welcoming the month of June with warm huggies, yes, this will be another awesomely beautiful month simply because it started off beautifully~!

Quote Yee Ling "Jia Yiing, i find you relly like to use the word BEAUTIFUL". Lolx, yes, i couldnt agree more that being positive makes my life reli beautiful. Grandma Ee Ling, thanks for reminding me that life is not all beautiful, i shud be prepared if unfavoured things happened, n have faith that God is walking closely beside me. Really learnt alot at Cameron Camp, duno where to start blogging about. Day one or throught the interesting activities? I'll just type what crosses my mind.

#1 LECTIO DIVINA = Listening to God's spoken words
This is the session where we campers have to be at the main hall b 7:20am to listen to God's spoken words, and reflect or jot down what verses captures our heart. I love this, especially the part where we were asked to walked out and face the majestic mountains before our eyes. I have always been a nature lover, and that morning, when i indulge in the beauty of our natural surroundings, i'm really amazed and grateful at God's creations. Yes, you are really God the Creator. So please, dear smokers, please don add on to our air pollution..litterERS, don dirty our environment. you might find it convenient for you to just throw that piece of used paper of peanut shell off the car window, but think of the workers who've to bend down and collect your sin. haha. tat sounds way to harsh, but please lah...

Oh yes, surprisingly most (if not half) of us enjoyed this activity. The way FES carried it out is so motivatingly interesting. Too bad i'm lazy to upload the photos here, but u shud see how they transformed our chalet 9 into the demoniac scenery! and the way they read the psalms, letters and narratives, full of emotions, it really draws us back to the ancient times. this camp reli give me alot of workable ideas on how to capture my students attention! Thanks to Wilson and Uncle Chris, n UPM friends for the bible n christian books as my 22nd birthday presents, hope i'll make them to good use =)

day trip
AGain, the pictures should paint a thousand words here. it took us 2-3 hours to hike up from Lakeview. there was barely a single boring moment throughout this trip. mainly because we were assigned a friend to walk along with, and the scecery is enought to take your breath away~! thanks GEL, for introducing us to take photos 'sleeping on the tea plants', literally! thanks grandmas for the teabreak at the cafeteria, Marrybrown, indian food, icecream, chocolate, and your LOVE for us~!

#4 CHALET 9 - my family in christ
here, i get to have 2 beautiful grandmas, one handsome indian grandpa and one sporty American uncle Chris who was in Mongolia for the past 4 years. also, i've gained 13 siblings almost in every state. haha. being the 6th (middle children), i am not neglected because in our Knights family, we really reached out for everyone. i'm really thankful we get to know each other in just a mere 3 weeks, so much deeper than friends we have for years.

#5 16 MAY 2009
i turned 22 on this day. celebrating birthday at cameron highlands is like a dream come true! it's doubled the happiness cuz this is the first year nearly 80plus friends sang happy birthday song for me. thanks family, thanks grandpa Joshua for driving all the way to get me the Strawberry Strudles. i'm touched to tears!

#6 FAMILY TIME (930pm - 11pm everynight)
after sessions, we'll have this family time before heading to bed. grandpa will ask us to share and journal down our day's events. then we'll play some games and sharing. personally, i love this session because this is when everyone opens up, revealing their most sincere thoughts and secrets, and we give hugs and words of comfort prayers when tears stream down our eyes. well, now we are back to reality, down from the beautiful cameron highlands, hopefully we'll apply this family time with our real family at home. it'll be nice even if it's once a week thingy.

i remembered most bout the part where we have to first identify our weakness, accept and love ourselves before we can love others. we sisters all gather in our bedroom and have pillow talk, saying our secrets out might not 100% solve the problems but then, it's just comforting to let things out. yes, i agree tat girls express better, in other words, emotional. not all girls are that weak, nor are all guys rational. haha. in short, God created each and everyone of us unique, don worry, for he has all planned out for us. even the hair we are going to loose each day is planned. yeah, i tend to think how insignificant we are at times. from Psalms 96: 1000 years on Earth is just a like a day to God. haha. don't ask me why then do we have to work so hard, earn money and die at the end, because u shud know the answer by now. anyway, i'm just grateful for what i have now, thank you God for a happy family, loving bf, good friends, promising and a job i love, good health and happy soul!

(week 2)
What is your family like? aRe you happy staying w your family? never did i imagine ppl around me are from abusive families, i mean, i do read in the newspapers tat there are parents who torture their children. (wait, they are not even worth hving the title parents, if they know wad are the roles of parents) Grandma Annete, u are an awesome speaker! your stories about the broken families bring me to tears. i'm angry, and reli disappointed w that kinda ppl and society. argh...quote one examplary incident: a church elder fetched the girl student to church for SUnday mass, and raped her each morning.
Why? WHy? i don understand. lust? c'om, think of it, wat if it's your daughter who got raped by some stranger? okie fine, there are cases where fathers, brothers, grandfathers rape their female family. think again, if the girl u r going to married is the victim? or you yourself are born out of wetlock?! geez, i thought i don hate anyone, but now, after writing, i think i do, i am really angry at those unscrupulous ppl! yeah, wearing masks, this reminds me of one incident where there is this church pastor who asked the female worshippers to take off their clothes in a room as some sort of offerings to God. (sorry, no offence to christianity but it's a fact that these things DO happen, every religion, every country, every race. sad case)
Talk bout sth happy fr this session: i called aunt for a reunion dinner after the session, and hallelujah, our big family gathering is beautifully organized and carried out, we had a great time gathering on Gawai. the sweetest part will be aunts and uncles thank me for suggesting this potluck dinner. thanks to the Camp Cameron too, i get to redeem my relationship w relatives again. quite embarassing i kept on lost track how old my little cousins are dy...

#9 REDEEMING RSHIP in courtship, friendship n gender issues
(week 2)
Highlight for courtship: no hurry in finding a bf/gf, God has his plans beautifully prepared for you. the time will come for you to meet the right one, (unless u r called to be bujang) so grandma's advice is to polish ourselves first now b4 searching high and low for the other half. respect, love wholeheartedly, understanding etc are all basics to ensure a healthy lasting r/ship. yeah girls, love your body as if it's God's temple. since young, mom has instill in me that we shud reserve our most precious only to our husband. many friends might not agree, but like what grandpa David says, they too, faced the 'temptations' when alone, n taught us the way to avoid such temptations is to be in groups. showing affection is important, juz tat we need to be clear and firm w the boundaries. right? (note: no offense, jz personal opinion here)
Highlight for redeemin friendship: friends, i love you all. sorry if i didnt play a good role as a friend. here, we are reminded tat friends are seasonal. some came into your life, impact a little, then leave with o without footprints. the friend i mentioned i wan to redeem rship w this holiday is pam. and gladly, we two make it to Palm Beach yesterday. who is your best friend? some might find it hard to answer this. some might say it's their mom, their wives their dauthers o friends. no man is an island, if you really care for someone, reach out for her and not selfish, it's really hard not to have a friend. most likely, it is due to busy life and self-centredness that we unintentionally neglected our loved ones. this happens, n its nature. wad are beaches and vacation trips for? haha. bring your loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, spend quality time together, be it just a dinner or even a phone call, or sms, u never know when u will save a life.

Geez, kinda late dy. will continue again soon. still got lots of beautiful memories i wanna jot down here, Sabbath Day, Tanah Rata trip, OIRA, Camp Special, BBQ, Pirates of the Highlands, grand dinner, food, family, RTM, F&N etc... Do sign up for this camp, while u still can. recommend others, spread the good news =) Grandpa, grandma, thank you for loving us and taking good care of us this 3 SHORT weeks. God bless you all in all areas of life~!

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