Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A hot afternoon w Bro to Masjid Jamek

Our Kuching's Masjid Jamek..after 22 yrs, then i got the chance to visit. (thanks to my bro, who brought me along to see him supervising the construction site)

is that the library to put kitabs?

The Dome is so big!! wad are the arabic words thr?

Am impressed by how big Masjid Jamek is, can imagine how crowded this mosque will b like on Fridays..and Mekah. wah, Ed, don't get lost when u r there next week~ lolx..

My koko 'supervising' handsome! haha. sometimes i wonder, is engineer's work as tough as the workers? n im impressed by how the workers can do their job fast and good, even when supervisors are absent.

Leaking...wonder how often do other buildings faced such problem? or is it just Malaysia's constructions..ahem.

VIP room..under renovation. bro says this renovation (under Poly Building, the company bro's currently doing his internship) will be done in another month or so..

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