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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Love For You

I like it when u walk toward me
with your sweet gentle smile;
I like it when u look at me silently
and that smile is still there;
I like it when you play with your fingers on my palm
when I lay them open for you;
I like it when you just cuddle yourself in my arms
when we are close together;
I like the way you smile and close your eyes
when I kiss you;
I like how you always close your face
when you say you are shy;
I like the way you look
when you are asleep;
I like the smell of your hair
when your head lies on my shoulder;
I like the feeling of walking hands in hands with you
wherever we go;
I like it when you take charge especially in situation
where mandarin is required;
but why I LOVE YOU is because
You are part of me that I am not.
All that you do,
is what makes you special,
and its because you are special the way you are,
that makes me LOVE you even more.

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