Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello :)

memer commented "you working with kenny sia? cool!"

sadly, i didnt get to work with him (at the moment), but after buying me lunch (just ipoh town coffee, while he had eggs n kaya toast n kopi o peng), he patiently explained why the basic salary is low, regardless if im a uni grad.

quote him " i was impressed by you at our interview the other day...bla bla bla..level up's door is always opened for you..." much as i wanted to undergo his training as a staff there (which, according to him, internship is where you learn the skills, sth u don't learn at university), my passion for teaching is much greater.  therefore, between my current home tuition SPM Jefferson and Level Up, i've made up my mind to help Jefferson pass him BM and score for other subjects.

I've forgotten alot bout SPM Science and Maths, and the exam format of BM and KOMSAS are new; but since his mom paid me, n he is keen to study, i will try my best to help him, while waiting for his previous home tutor to be home from outstation.

Though i couldn't get the best of the both worlds (level up morning shift, and night tuition), i am glad to have 3 conversations with my favorite blogger! First office interview, second he phoned me using his personal number, and third, a 45mins lunch chat at Ipoh Town.  *wink wink* As for Jefferson, i do hope with my little knowledge, i can help make a difference in his life, a positive one! 



  1. This is cooler! It's okay. God has a better plan for you :)

  2. wow! so much things're going on there! good for you my dear :)