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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How are you doing my friends?

Senior Citizen Centre, as the name called, is for senior citizens. However, for the past 2 months, I have enrolled for their Ballroom Dancing and Old Folks Dance.  Thankfully, the teachers and elderlies are very passion and sincere in teaching a 'kayu' like me. 

"Oh, you are waiting for posting?"

"Teacher? Good good~"

"You are still so young. Why not further your studies and get a doctorate?"

Wah, there's this graceful young grandma (yes, though i can see her wrinkles, but she still dressed in cheerful light purple dresses to class) who adviced me to further my studies.  Hm.. Are we allowed to continue of masters now?  Coursemates, can any of you remember what is written in our contracts with KPM?

Anyway, I came home, with a refreshed mind (if not for these morning exercises, I'd be very guilty of eating all those weekly Laksa - my favourite breakfast, after OATS --> white lie!) I checked my phone, another part time job, working a Kuching Festival! Yay, I therefore went to Looks Fa Bulous Facebook, and sorta make a 5 mins thought purchase! *wink wink*

Welcome to try our Sarawak Laksa! Love the fleshy prawns and the soup!

If you visit Kuching in August, then Kuching Food Festival is a MUST-GO!

Bio Ion.  Be careful of the fragrant air fresher you inhale, they contains chemicals which is hazardous for health.

Bio Ion on the other hand, is 100 % plants extracts and as the company claims, it contains no chemicals and thus, he spray it into is mouth!

This is my life after 6 years of uni-maktab life. How about you?


coconut kuih muih, not too sweet. i like!

my first Kurma this Ramadhan! reminds me of Ed :)

suka nie juga! :)

Guess what? Bubur Pedas! First time trying, spicy wei...

Curi-curi snap when they went for second round praying :)

Tada! Bon Appetite!

wishing my Muslim friends Selamat Berbuka Puasa! :)


  1. Jie: One day... when I come to Kuching, please take me around ya? ^_^ hee~

  2. SARAWAK LAKSAAAA!!!! I hate you =P

  3. wilson: sure!! i'm getting pro at bringing west malaysians around town liao :P

    mt: hate me with a smile :P