Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dancing & Baking =)

Being jobless, allows me to catch up with my neighbour, Aunty Carrie and Uncle Charlie.  After a speedy 2 months as a relief teacher at Lodge National School, I went back to Senior Citizens Club to join their Monday's Ballroom Dance, Press Dance and Folk Dance. 

Everytime I see them, I'd feel so much alive.  Some are more than 80, yet they are so energetic is dancing; the grandparents woke up and 'gather' as early as 8am to play pool/snooker.  It has been exactly 2 months since I last exercise (shameful), and though I'm a slow learner, I'm quite surprised when the beginners were amazed, asking how many years have I learned and ask me to teach them. Duh.. @_@ haha! 

*Dancing is fun!*(^_^)

Went to make more headbands with Pamela at Enid's house earlier. Enid taught us how to make cheesecake, chocolate rich cheesecake.

Recipe (Yvonne, you asked for this)

500g cheese

110g castor sugar

75g yogurt

45g whipping cream

++ melted chocolate


1 packet of smashed orea

1/4 bar of butter

* smashed, mixed and chill as base, in freezer

Baking in oven:

medium 3, 60minutes.

* use chopstick to 'design' the top chocolate-cheese

google picture only; Enid will only design the top layer the next day before sending over to customer's house =)

*Happy girls days-in* Without guys, we girls can fill our days meaningfully too (^_^)