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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TESL VS Pre School

Hello Blog,
Sorry I didn't complete the Jurong Bird Park post last night.
The fingers just didn't coordinate with my mind and feelings then.

How are you, my friends?

Just came back from ITS English Language Camp 2nd briefing.
There are lots of preparation to be done.
And honestly,
I'm still thrilled.

Thrilled to the extend,
I am considering to do Pre School Education,
will it be a good idea?

TESL will be a better choice
because I've gone through the foundation and bachelor for 6 years.

Pre School will be something new
with all the songs, rhymes and riddles
games, story telling and....K.I.D.S!

The activities are way more interesting than higher secondary syllabus
but managing the kids?
I've failed to control my Form 1 kids during practicum
wonder will the 5-8years old be any easier?

Once again,
I'm thrown before a crossroad in a jungle.
Which path should I lead?

The left is mostly travelled,
should be a safer road.
The right is covered with shrubs
and there might be thorny grasses.

taken from: http://syukranview.wordpress.com/category/panorama/
(Geez, such a view, lai, sit back n day dream for few seconds.~)

But whichever path lies ahead
I'm sure I will not stay stagnant at this position
and stare too long,
watching other travellers passing by
one by one
leaving me all alone till the snow falls.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all in advance~!

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