Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life at SMK Kapit

Day 5:  Happy Stomach checked in at Kapit Hospital :)

How's life at Kapit so far?
1.  So far no complaints.  Colleagues and friends have been helpful, thank you! 

2.  Waiting for 2pm as today is Friday; 2 periods of Arts class, plan to ask them to draw 'Dreams to achieve in year 2012'.  My piece of art was selected as the best picture last year, and I did accomplish 88% of them :)

3. As for removed class's English, I am assigned to set their exam papers for end of this month.  Drilling might be needed for this class; kids, please be considerate to your English teacher k, being obedient and don't scream or run away in the classroom is already a wonderful present for me~

4.  Sesco RM 350 deposit, waterboard, post office, bank; end of this month, we'll receive bills~! ....and....salary! woots!!

5. Can't wait for PIBG meeting to be over tomorrow, then we can head down to Sibu for the weekend. Wee :)  listed a things to buy :) things here at Kapit are costly.  a medium quality single mattress costs RM170 after discount; nasi goreng ayam is RM 5, a glass of air limau is RM 2. -.-''

6. On the bright side, Kapit is a lovely town.  The roosters seem to be crowing non stop since 5am sth... This town is surrounded by mountains but I saw development taking place; barren hills =( lots of crows flying above the shelter-less food court and last night, a bird shit was spotted 2 cm away from my dish of kueh tiaw basah few seconds after I cleaned the plate.

will talk to you very soon Dear Blog, as it's only Day 5, and I'm getting bored.  Time to borrow some library books to read, oh yeah right, I haven't write a thing for my daily lesson plan, simply because the due date is 2 weeks later. haha.

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