Thursday, March 22, 2012

He Knows Best

The man: "God, can I ask you a question?"

God: "Yes, what is it?"

Man: "Why is my day so tough?"

God: "Tell me what happen, son."

Man: "The alarm didn't ring. I had a hard time waking up and was late for work."

God: "And?"

Man: "I couldn't start my car engine for a long time."

God: "Continue, I'm listening."

Man: "The waiter took the wrong order for my sandwich and I had to queue up all over again."

God: "And?"

Man: "When I home after a tiring day, the massage chair didn't work. Why isn't there a smooth thing in my life?"

God: "Well son, this morning, the death angel was at your bedside. I sent angels to protect you and they took some time to fight for you. I think you would appreciate a peaceful sleep longer."

Man: "Oh."

God: "There was a drunkard man on the road. I do not want you to be the accident victim so I make spend some time starting your car engine."

Man: *head down, embarrass*

God: "The boy who was to prepare your sandwich had a flu today. I know you can't afford to fall sick today so I prevented the virus from spreading to that sandwich of yours."

Man: "Geez"

God: "And the massage chair. Well, there was some problem with the electric at home. If the massage chair can be operated, your house might face electric shortage. I think you would not like to be in the dark and fan-less sleep tonight.

Man: "Thank you, Father, for You know the best and always give me the best." 


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