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Saturday, March 17, 2012

My March Holidays

Another 9hours, I'd be leaving home. Again.  7 years. I thought I would have got used to these "long vacations", but right now, I feel...stop mind.

Instead of whining about leaving my comfort zone to earn a living by serving the country, I'd like be GRATEFUL.

Thank You God, for the following:

1.  Appointing me as a teacher. People, I am a DG 41 now =)  Got my SPP letter before holidays, hope to be confirmed asap.  Teaching is never my childhood dream, but of the few part time jobs I experienced, I am glad to have the passion for this career :)

2.  Holidays to spend good times with my family.  I wanted to treat my family to dinner as I got my first pay.  But brother-in-law and dad paid instead. Anyway, do you like ox tendons? Internal organs are never my favorite, but the moment mom says it is good for ladies' beauty, I swallowed it.

Yamishu's Dim Sum with Papa Ho and Mama Ho :)  brother-in-law, sis and baby came shortly after.  Koko and Ida came with their new Samsung Note! *nak juge*

3.  Sunny Hill ice-cream! Has been eating Ice Cream almost daily for the past 7 days.  Sibu Delta Mall Tom's, Sunny Hill's, Jln Song's, Station One's, Manhattan Fish Market's. Conclusion, either I'm not picky or they're all good :)

Sunny Hill Ice Cream
4. Introduced Insurance to a couple of friends. Some friends know the importance of it while many others are still skeptical about insurance. After the incident of a friend who passed away due to head concussion and the ugly truth of being shoo-ed away by a private hospital because she was not protected by insurance, I felt the need to share her story. You see, insurance is not a sales gimmick.  You are basically buying yourself a big protection by using a small ammount of money. We are not living alone in this world, we have family and most probably, all of us will be parents, soon.  Think about it, 10% off your salary as savings is not just for your old age retirement plans, for for emergencies.

Causeway Bay Dim Sum :)
5.  Breakfast with the older generation.  No idea since when I enjoyed having breakfasts with aunties and uncles.  Perhaps they have more interesting life stories to share.  Actually, we all know that most old folks enjoy mixing with young people.
New Happy Cafe's Zhou Chai Hung Gan, another Foo Chow delicacy :)

 6.  Sweet time with Yvonne. Splurged on some dresses and reminded myself it'll be the last time for this year =X

You one mouth, I one mouth. Wah or Euwww. haha.

7.  Baking time with Enid.  She bakes, for a living, out of passion.  Last year, I get to know this friend better.  She's very generous and sincere in teaching us baking, not just theory but hands-on! "Friendship is not what we do for a person, but what we do WITH that person."

Mille Crepe in process.

8.  Catch up with a few groups of friends.  No photos of other groups. Cuz a friend commented, 'oh, you still take these kinda photos ar?'-ed, I felt hurt and ashamed...fine, so there are people out there who think taking pictures of food and every little activity is, childish. Well old folks matured people, below are the young-at-hearts! =P

Diano Jr is back for holidays, with a skill-acquiring-in-process~ wink!

9. A late celebration, but it IS still celebrated, and will be remembered :)  Happy birthday dear, may you continue to shine for the Lord and may your passion towards teaching keep on glowing.  God bless :)
Tada, the mille crepe, colourfully decorated for the birthday girl :)
10. Attended Alpha Facilatotor's Course this morning.  A very intensive course by few KL speakers.  Apparently, many people have yet to heard about Alpha.  This is a 10 weeks course which seeks to explore the basics of Christian Faith. I first joined this at JB Full Gospel Church, then last November, another time at Trinity Methodist Church.  1-2 hours a week; 20mins good food, 20 mins listening to Nicky Gumbel's DVD, 20mins open discussion.  Brother TMC thought this facilitator's training will be good for me to bring it to Kapit, but honestly, I am not confident to start this programme alone.  Perhaps, I can volunteer to be a helper if there are more experienced church leaders who act as hosts. From my experience, this course is non-threatening, lively and when there is food, fellowship automatically happens :) 

8am - 3pm @ 2.5miles Alpha Centre.

That's it. My 8 days holiday is coming to an end. Overall, I had not wasted it.  Oh ya, "Draw My Thing" had bring laughter and friendship via Facebook.  Especially to my Facebook friends, thank you =D Will pack my luggage in 20mins time and spend the night at Hilton with Miss Pang.  5 hours of pillow talk before I bid Kuching farewell. 


  1. Jie!!!

    I want to try all those yummy yummy food you posted here! T_____T

  2. lolx, just realized all the photos are FOOD, hm.. haha. sure! lemme know when u r in Kuching.