Friday, March 2, 2012


Wow, it's 1:09am. Actually took nearly 3 hours to complete a simple powerpoint. Kids, please cherish your teacher's effort and be good tomorrow k. 

Spent hours and days marking their exam papers.  It was very disappointing. I told them what would come out, even drilled them in class.  Senior teachers commented we new teachers still have a lot of love and passion for the students; but as months or years went by, we'll be demotivated by the students' lackadaisical attitude.  Honestly, I am afraid of loosing my passion for teaching if I couldn't sense achievement or improvement in the students. 

Dear God, please give me strength and wisdom in handling these 4 groups of weaker students. They are still so young and a bright future is awaiting them.  Call me judgmental, but I think getting pregnant and married at the age of 17 is just too young!

Time for bed. Good night all :)

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