Saturday, March 31, 2012

8:30-9:30pm Earth Hour

Guys, how's your experience in the dark? Did you really switch off the lights and electrical appliances for the past hour, 8:30pm-9:30pm?

Well, Sam and I did switch off our lights etc (exclude the fridge) at 7:15pm before we went to church. But when we returned home at 9pm, our dining hall's lights are on. Perhaps our dear housemate is not aware of Earth Hour.

Anyway, as stubborn and determined as me, I chose to fulfill and support this movement. With the dim light from the street lamps that cast through my windows, I opened my wardrobe and used my finger tips to randomly choose a pair of pyjamas. Quite an experience~ =D

How to kill the remaining 30minutes? Pray? But I've said my prayers at church earlier. Suddenly I recalled this simple set induction activity that I learnt during briefing at International Tuition School last holiday - "Drawing in the Dark".

Wee~! I drew ... *secret*

then, I wrote a letter in the dark too. haha, I thought my handwriting would be beyond recognition, but then, when I switch on the lights at9:32pm, wee, not bad lo! =D

Checked my phone, Sam said she cooked Mamee Duck noodles for supper. Wah, she's really a good cook. In less than 15 minutes, supper's ready, fried egg, cangkuk manis, hotdog and the noodle =D

That's how I experience my 2012 Earth Hour, how bout you? =)

p/s will be starting my first ministry at church tomorrow: Sunday School teacher. Hm...I knew very little about the bible, despite going to church with Yvonne for 6 years, I think I'm an old baby. Hm.. Oh ya, due to EXTREME boredom and financial savings for vacations, I will be starting my home tuition starting tomorrow too. 3 Form 4 kids. Hope things will go well =)

Happy Palm Sunday to all (^_^)


  1. you had a very interesting Earth Hour!

    wow...starting home tuition dy! Gambate! $ Kaching Kaching $ =P

  2. small kaching better than none :P see u in another 55 days :D