Monday, October 22, 2012

A Step Forward

When was the last time your heart beat raced?

Why and where did it happen?

Did you feel your cheeks getting hotter?

And glanced in the mirror to find them pinkish?

Suddenly, you'll find yourself like a little girl,

scratching your hair though they are not itchy

your eyes twinkle and shine,

despite the heavy eye bags, they still dance gracefully

and your lips

they start to hum melodies

melodies that are sung from your light hearted soul

and the sweetest smile curled upon your lips

the drizzle outside your window

adds melody to your spirit

whatever burden you faced earlier on today

was no longer significant

you're not sure where would the destination be

but you're brave to take the first step

and once you started this journey

just enjoy the scenery and the path taken.

It might lead you out of the spooky jungle

and into a land of blossoming lavendars

yes, you may add colourful butterflies dancing around

and yes too, the birds chirping melodiously

Sweet dreams all (^_^)