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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Teacher's Prayer

The Lesson Learn

A Teacher's Prayer
(From: The Heart of a Teacher by Grace Lim)

Dear God,
Thank you that I am a teacher
For in this profession I experience so much joy
May my life be like rain drops
Nurturing the many young lives passing by my hands

May my speech be like the moring dew
Encouraging the many young hearts to greater height
May my action be like an aok tree
Always upright, dependable and trustworthy
Thank You that I respond to Your calling

To teach is to impart knowledge to our students
To inspire is to motivate them to learn
To care is to correct their wrong doings
To love is to direct them the right way
so that they may not go astray.

To teach is to develop an direct
To allow our students to dream
It is to encourage and to listen
It is to give without expecting of any rewards

To teach is to let our students grow
To teach to reach their full potential
With kindness and firmness
To teach to reach a new horizon

To teach is to learn from others
To laugh with them when they succeed
To cry with them when they fail
It is to live, to be fulfilled, and to do God's will.


Dear Lord,
I thank You from the bottom of my heart
for placing me here in Kapit
for keeping my passion for teaching burning still
for all the wonderful people who inspire/hurt/criticize/praise me

Thank you for the soothing Christian Songs playing by my bed now...

Will be taking the 7:30am boat down to Sibu tomorrow,
Going to pay a visit to Sibu Jaya's UPM Centre
For the past 14 months, I've been thinking of pursuing masters
yet, there are no actions taken.

Sadly, there are no English courses available here in Sarawak
I can't afford to fly to KL weekly
so, currently, the most suitable course would be Education Management

Can I cope with it?
Weekly traveling down to sibu, boat and taxi, Fri & Sat's hotel....

Will I persevere even though my colleagues will ffk me?
2 years, assignments....exams....every sat, 8am-11pm....

Why do I want it? It's not even English Studies, management will be very theoretical and boring...
1. I'm bored and felt guilty I've wasted a year not upgrading myself.
2. It's a big big world, though I love Kapit, I'll like to explore further, both geographically and education wise.
3. Because I failed at managing my class & some relationships, I think, education management might help, in a way?
4. My juniors are doing it, my seniors snapped their graduation photos. My fantasy wedding proposal location + attire....It didn't happen last year, perhaps, 2 years later?

1:34pm, typing out while half dreaming....good night, my refuge. Hello soon, my dreams =)

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