Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Today, she did something unprofessional. A girl rubbed off her exam answerS, marked using her own red ink and requested for extra marks. Anger started to pent up. The lady teacher asked the student if she admit changing the answers, the girl denied. The teacher could have just close an eye but no, instead, she crumpled the piece of OMR paper and threw it on the floor.

She regretted her actions instantly. What if the girl was telling the truth?

Other 'helpful' students quickly took the girl's red pen, tested on a piece of paper and proved her guilty. Her face turned as white as sheet. Yet, she stood firm and denied.

The teacher must have appeared very upset as the girls repeatedly urged her to smile for them.

As she was about to lit a smile for the students, a boy gossiped that when he accused her for being stupid to change answers and leave obvious traces, the girl replied proudly "Well, at least I dare to do it. You don't."

The teacher's heart sank.  She has not instill the moral value of honesty in her students. She has not handled problematic students professionally. 

Being a new teacher, she could either leave and forget the whole issue OR seek higher authority to deal. She chose the later.

After being tenderly warned by the assistant principal, the girl apologized. The teacher looked into her watery eyes, nodded and silently hoped that she had learned her mistake: be honest and respect your teachers.

As for the teacher, she still has a long way to go. This little upsetting incident just made her tougher.


  1. The teacher has made the right choices.

    A teacher who does not just teach her students the subjects, but also teaches them her values by her conducts.

    Commendable. =)

  2. We learn the most from our mistakes.
    I'm sure occasions like these will continue to come in the future. And now you will be better prepared for such as this.