Friday, October 19, 2012

Seminar Reframing English Language Education

Attended my first seminar as a teacher today, 8am - 5pm @ Hotel Mahligai, Kapit. Siminar Reframing English Language Education: New Environments, New Needs, New Solutions Anjuran Bersama STU Kapit Division dan Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Kapit (Hari Guru Sedunia 2012)

Teachers, have you signed up as a STU member? RM5 deduction from your pay slip per month. I hesitated to fill in the form for a couple of weeks, then gave in simply because : Teachers should learn to be less calculative.

The more members STU has, the bigger its voice will be heard. Enough said.

Back to the reflection of today's seminar, this seminar pale if comparison if you've attended bigger conferences like MELTA. Nevertheless, it did remind me of the modern methods of teaching and really give conventional teaching a halt. So since I've 2 weeks left before our 2 months holidays (YAYYYY!!) and since I've convered 98% of PBS (personally, I doubt the benefit of PBS, and fear it's an unwise move to replace PMR with it), I'll try incorporating songs and stories =)

Last May, I used Bruno Mar's "Just the Way You Are" and students remembered it till today.  Anyway, sister Kuchi Bantin, a teacher who taught English for 32 years, shared her experience attending MELTA: "Using Songs in an English Language Teaching Classroom".

Suggested songs:
1) A big big world
2) You've Got a Friend
3) Streets of London
4) Palestine will be Free
5) We Wish You a Merry Chirstmas

Brother Henry Nasat, another dedicated senior teacher, who frequently attends international English teaching conference gave a preview of 'How to Read Fast'.  He splurged RM 1K on the book at Ipoh's workshop last week (0.0) 

Interesting Phonetics Skills:
1) "sh sh" - 'how do your mom ask baby to urinate?' sh sh this out sounds lame, but he presented it successfully)

2) "v" sound - practice with teeth position.  we laughed at each other!

3) "r" sound - use the song "Trouble is a Friend" *wink*

4) "o" as in 'two' sound - use the song "Little Red Wagon"

5) Simple dialogue "Dick, have you any sweet? Yes, one for you, one for Amy, and one for your mother."  - use the song "Baa Baa Black Sheep"

6) Song "Wish you were here" - Ask students: "Why do you wish me to be here?" - start brainstorm for your ideas.

7) "Smiles" by Backstreet Boys.

He brought guitar and tambourine into his class. Ah, no wonder students are always so excited to see him approaching.  Wonder what my students are feeling when they see me coming...yawn? hm..

Next, brother Jisin Nyut, Deputy President of STU HQ, Kuching delivered his topic on 'Teaching Profession'.  He started off energetic, and since his sharing is funny and useful, I took out my phone and write down in my favorite apps 'MEMOIRES'  I guessed he thought I was not paying attention to him therefore he kept staring into my eyes and when I can answer his question, he knew I was not playing on the phone. Haha.

Few things I jotted down:

1. Love the students. 
    First thing when you enter your class, what is on your mind? Should be: Impart knowledge and skills for the kids!

2. If students are excited for your class, it means you are on the road to be a successful teacher. (my students are not excited, sometimes....oh dear..  )

3. Teaching - when you move to the left, students' eyes should be on you too...look pretty/handsome, look into their eyes. *dress beautifully* =)

4. Remember always, our TASK = IMPART KNOWLEDGE

5. Oral : we must speak correct English. Our actions.. walk straight, sit straight.

6. We must have impact on our students, they'll want to follow us and say good things about us. (Whenever my students tell me negative things about other teachers, I wonder how they view

7. Bear in mind, it's not a burden to enter class, but see it as "I want my children to learn."  (A constant reminder esp for my out-of-control Remove Class)

-----------------------------Time to dress up for STU dinner, happy weekend to all---------------------

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