Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

The moment I heard Dr. Edwin is going to let us watch the movie 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age', I felt excited, my mind raced back to the Tudors series I had been catching for the past few months, and am still in love with the movie. Frankly speaking, before entering this course, I've very shallow knowledge about the history of England. There are just so much for us to learn, explore and experience! At least after watching Elizabeth:The Golden Age, I have now a clearer imaginary idea of the culutre and people during the Elizabethan Era. I was so amazed by their customs! (secretly wondering if i would be able to wear one of those for my wedding..tsk tsk.)

Coming back to the movie. Elizabeth is the Virgin Queen of England, whom, in my humble opinion, think is one of the greatest ruler in history! I admire her leadership and intelligence in ruling England! She is afterall like any other woman, who yearns for love and affection of another man. Dr, why she doesn't want to get married? Is it because she is too powerful and an ordinary man like Raleigh will never be compatible to him?

Another issue here would be the power of love and forgiveness. I think it is very understandable for Queen Elizabeth to be furious of Bess' action of getting pregnant and not letting her know. Bess is afterall, her most favoured trustworhty lady friend. Being betrayed by your most trustworthy friend is indeed a heartbreaking incident, but in here, Queen Elizabeth shows LOVE is greater than betrayal and hatred. Thankfully, once she decided to FORGIVE Bess and Raleigh, she found courage to face the war!

Third issue revolves around FATE. There is an astrologer in this movie, predicting England will have a war soon. There is a reversal of fate here when Elizabeth was suddenly left alone, and there was once when she felt extremely directionless, fearing Her people might suffer from the the war and that England might be overruled by Spain. She chose PERSEVERENCE. She lead her army to war. I was so impressed at Queen Elizabeth's speech to her troops at Tilbury and the way she was seated on a war horse wearing full plate armour made me nearly fall in love with her! Such poise and dignity! Long live the Queen!

In short, I would like to thank Dr. Edwin for introducing such good dramas for us. Sincere apologies for our mistakes. Please do introduce more GOOD movies to us.

P/s This is a must-watch!

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  1. I can’t agree more that it is a great movie to watch. There are indeed a lot of interesting elements during the Elizabethan era – its culture, people, costume, and so on. The movie actually portrays quite a lot of it. The actress who acts as Elizabeth the Queen has done a really impressive job. She acts very well and portrays the characters so thoroughly. Through her speech and costumes, even her wigs, we can see how majestic and dignity she is. I like the way she carries herself. She is the perfect lady during the period who shows the world that women also can do as well as men. She even realizes that her love towards her beloved country is greater than her personal love. As a great selfless ruler, she gives all her love to her people.
    I feel grateful to have the chance to watch this movie. It not only lets me look into the world of Elizabethan era but also has a great moment on a journey into a soul reflection.